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Megan Thee Stallion has accused DaBaby of supporting Tory Lanez.

The “Cry Baby” collaborator was involved in a verbal war on Twitter after a “WAP” hit maker saw her peers share fan comments on Saturday evening (19.06.21). summer.

Fans tweeted about his collaboration with Tory, “SKAT,” in connection with the incident and the January arrest of DaBaby, who allegedly hit the club’s promoter in the face. You don’t have to spend time in jail, “the fans tweeted with a laughing emoji with a crying face.”

Unfollowing DaBaby on Instagram after “SKAT” was released After Megan learned about the repost, she attacked DaBaby by behaving differently against her in public and private. And I was angry at how her filming was “disregarded”.

She tweeted. “Support me privately and do something different publicly … Men in these industries are very strange. This situation is not a pitiful” beef “. Like and retweet.

“Justice is slow … as we all have seen … back to my good day (sic)”

The 29-year-old rapper counterattacked, claiming “no bad energy” to Megan and calling on the “hot girl summer” hit maker to “keep focused” and not worry about him.

He writes: “You made these people get the most out of your thugs. Aeon didn’t give you bad energy. You trippin. I feel like I’m against you. Don’t stand on what you’re standing on. Stay focused on my g. “

However, Megan argued that he had not “changed” his stance and accused DaBaby of having no plans to promote “SKAT.” photograph.

She writes: “My stance hasn’t changed your position at all. We’ve already talked about this privately. You specifically said,” There’s not even a good business move. Why I s *** Do you want to advertise? “But isn’t this your” beef “now? It’s not real. But you stay in your “business”.

DaBaby argued that Megan was so frank that he didn’t care what Megan was saying.

He writes: “You haven’t tweeted anything. I haven’t told dann *** a directly. I told him the same thing. That the midfielder feels my cute chocolate in some way. Bid to **. Do not feed my ppl once it enters the data. “

He seems to be calling for the end of the war of words, he writes: *** Women *** for some s *** Another n **** was blamed. How does tfdat work? It? Luv u Meg. (Sic) “

Megan’s boyfriend, Purdison Fontaine, also joined the line, calling DaBaby a “clown” and telling him to leave his girlfriend alone.

He writes: ) ”

Before Megan yelled, DaBaby had previously claimed to “not retweet anything” and called the posts displayed on the timeline “Illuminati s ***”.

Megan was shot twice last July and Tory was arrested on suspicion of assault.

He pleaded guilty to one assault with a semi-automatic firearm and one to carry an unregistered gun on board the vehicle.

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