Marshfield Children’s Hospital fundraiser goes virtual


MARSHFIELD, Wis. (WSAW) – A major fundraiser for the Marshfield Children’s Hospital kicked off Monday, April 19, and this year it’s going to look a little different.

The patients will be playing different games virtually against former NFL players such as Wisconsin native, and New York Giants great, Rich Suebert and other local celebrities. It’s their goal to raise money while keeping everyone safe.

“I can’t tell you how many parents have said this has been such a fantastic thing for the patients,” Marshfield Children’s Hospital Child Life Specialist Lindsey Welch said.

Throughout the week of the fundraiser, kids will face various other NFL greats and local celebrities, which is something kids are sure to remember.

“Our patients have loved it, and typically [during] our fundraisers, we don’t have our patients involved, so that’s been something kind of unique and special this time around,” Welch said.

They’ll play games such as Pictionary, Five Second Rule, Guess Who, among others. It’s a way to have kids in the forefront and bring awareness to the hospital’s needs.

“Since our whole program is donation funded, we need events like this to help raise money,” Marshfield Children’s Hospital Child Life Specialist McKenzie Tischausen said.

Money raised goes directly to the children’s hospital and pays for things to help normalize a child’s experience such as toys, support services and other medical needs.

“We hope to take a more negative experience and make it into a really positive one and have patients kind of leave the hospitals saying ‘I had fun while I was hospitalized,’ which is something you don’t hear [often],” Tischausen said.

Typically, the fundraiser is done in person, but much different. In a normal year, the celebrities come together to do a trap shoot, have an auction and a dinner. But this year’s experience has been like no other.

“We were a little unsure of how it was gonna work when we first started, but we decided to give it a go and it’s pleasantly surprised everyone I think,” Welch said.

The fundraiser runs through Friday, April 23, so be sure to follow the link to donate and watch the virtual games.

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