Marlborough couple becomes social media celebrities thanks to funny home videos


MARLBOROUGH, Mass. — Christian Perez makes a living impersonating his wife, Maybelline.

“It’s a blessing. It’s crazy. It’s all new to us,” he said.

The Marlborough couple, who are in their early 30′s, post videos on social media called Love So Real.

It shows them imitating each other in a fun, good-natured way. They said the videos resonate with the audience because they’re super-relatable.

“Whatever comes out is just natural it’s in the moment and I think that’s what the fans are connected to the most the fact that we do just real in the moment content,” Maybelline Perez said.

Christian Perez has been such a big hit mimicking his wife, the audience has nicknamed him ‘Maybelline 2.0’ The videos are blowing up on social media and has allowed the former high school sweethearts to quit their jobs to focus on their newfound fame, fulltime.

“Just yesterday we hit 3.4 million on TikTok, 100 million likes and who knows how many views,” Christian Perez said.

The Perez’, who have two daughters, ages 6 and 2, said their videos really took off during the pandemic. They received messages from fans around the world saying thanks for putting a smile on their face through some dark days.

“The audience has absolutely loved those videos and we love making those videos and we love making people laugh. It’s what we love to do,” Maybelline Perez said.

Making people laugh, while laughing with each other. This is all relatively new to the Perez’. They said they never even had a social media account until they had children.

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