Margot Robbie and Cara Delevingne’s bodyguards break paparazzi’s arm in Buenos Aires

Margot Robbie and Cara Delevingne have been that talk of Buenos Aires as one of their bodyguards tied to protect their privacy but took it too far when a paparazzi that spotted them wanted to take their picture, they ended up crossing the line and broke the photographer’s arm.

Both actresses wanted to have a fun evening

Both stars were having dinner at a Buenos Aires restaurant and wanted to remain incognito, however being the personalities that they are, it becomes quite difficult for them not to be recognized in the public eye, even at the world’s end.

The bodyguards who used excessive force and attacked the photographer are now arrested

Pedro Alberto Orquera wanted to take a picture of both actresses when he was intercepted by British bodyguards Jac Rhis Hopkins and Josei Mac Namara Callum they pushed him and while doing so they took him to the ground and then beat him until he begged to be left alone.

Police arrived at the scene

Soon after, the local police officials intervened to help the photographer and both bodyguards were apprehended and taken to the station in the neighborhood, meanwhile, Pedro Alberto Orquera was taken to the local hospital.

Pedro Alberto Orquera received medical attention

At the hospital, the photographer arrived with a bleeding scalp and an exposed fracture in his left elbow, he is currently in recovery and hopefully, he will be able to return to work shortly.

Both bodyguards were arrested and charged at the Contraventional and Misdemeanor Prosecutor’s Office No. 34.

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