Luxury hat brand hosts mental health panel in Atlanta with celebrity guests


ATLANTALuxury hat brand Wear Brims is ending Mental Health Awareness Month with a panel complete with known names. Wear Brims presents “Peeling Back the Layers of Mental Health.” 

The panel will feature Atlanta’s own singer-songwriter, actress Keri Hilson, Serayah McNeil, Raz-B, Dr. Crystal Jones and Freddy Morello. 

The panel will be moderated by Wear Brims co-founder Archie Clay III. Organizers say the point of the event is to highlight the importance of diminishing the stigma around mental health.

Mental health consists of our emotional, psychological and social well-being. It also affects how one would think, feel and act. 

Between current events, personal life, and mass tragedies happening around the world, it’s common to shut down mentally. It’s Wear Brims’ hope bring the community together, to feel comfortable about acknowledging needing help, and getting insight from others who may have dealt with issues too. 

The event is happening Tuesday May 31, at The Gathering Spot ATL from 6:30 p.m. until 9 p.m. 

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