JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Celebrating Black Culture – one local entrepreneur is changing how people see uniquely. Wood You? Specs by J. Franklin is a business mixing fashion with eyewear.

“I believe that’s the first place people look at your eyes. They look into your face when you’re talking to or whatever and when those glasses pop it makes that customer feel good,” said James Smith, the owner of Wood You? Specs by J. Franklin.

Wood You? Specs by J. Franklin, a custom eyewear brand featuring wooden frames. He says these unique pieces are more than your standard pair of glasses.

“It’s different. It’s innovative. You can’t find them in any optical shop. Not only that, with the wooden specs you can customize them with your name, your branding, you can personalize it,” said Smith.

For 3 years, Smith has been upgrading people’s specs through a variety of customizable handmade eyewear.


Stars like D.L. Hughley, Jonathan Slocumb, Antonio Fargas, and world-renowned gospel singer Vanessa Bell Armstrong have all rocked a pair of his glasses.

“The mindset when it comes to glasses is that it’s just a pair of glasses. It’s not just a pair of glasses to me, it’s the experience,” said Smith.

Smith says his business has flourished during the pandemic.

“Even during covid and all the stuff that’s going on, it has been a blessing. I mean people have been buying glasses just like none other and it’s really surprising. I guess because people are on zoom meetings, they want to look good and things of that nature. So, I haven’t stopped I mean it’s just been ongoing,” said Smith.

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D.L. Hughley

As Smith’s business continues to thrive, he says it’s important to inspire the next generation of entrepreneurs.

“It takes other people to help you get to where you’re going. And so, I believe I owe it to a generation which I call that gen z generation that I’m always pouring into. I owe it to them to make sure that I pour into them and try to help them understand entrepreneurship. And to pass the torch when it’s that time onto someone else or to a few individuals,” said Smith.


You can find the link to his eyewear entrepreneur program here, creating a unique experience, one wooden spec at a time.

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