LETTER: Gov. Cuomo needs to resign right now


It never ceases to amaze me how high profile sport celebrities, Hollywood celebrities, rich and powerful individuals and high profile politicians actually believe that the rules do not apply to them. They apply to everyone else but not these types of people.

Hollywood celebrities who pay to have their children accepted to certain colleges and universities, politicians like the former attorney general of New York caught with his mistress in South America, the numerous Hillary and Bill Clinton scandals, the Joe Biden and son China scandal and many others are just a few examples.

When caught their typical response is, “Who me…..no way….. not true…. and others.”

Now we have the Gov. Cuomo scandals. First, he forced seniors, with Covid, back to nursing homes, then lied to cover up the thousands of deaths his Covid policy caused. This to help, in part, increase sales of his book. Then he is accused, by five different women of sexual harassment, including pictures to prove it. Yet he continues to deny both of these charges with, “Not me….They are lying, etc.”

The rules, once again, don’t apply. Biden and Harris refuse to call for his resignation yet both Democrats and Republicans in the New York Legislature are overwhelmingly calling for him to resign.

Gov. Cuomo is now an embarrassment to Democrats, to the gubernatorial position he holds and to all Italians. Gov. Cuomo resign! Save everyone a lot of wasted time. Resign now.

Tony Ciampa

Punta Gorda

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