Lakers: LeBron James Among Celebrities Set to Attend F1 Event in Miami – Sports Illustrated

The Formula One Miami Grand Prix is set to take place this weekend and there’s a slew of celebrities that will be attending the event for a sport that, thanks to Netflix, has suddenly captivated America. 

According to the Daily Mail, LeBron James will be at the race. The Los Angeles Lakers did not make it to the playoffs this year, so now James has some free time to enjoy other sporting events.

This is the fifth round of Formula One and it will be held in Miami, Florida this weekend on Sunday afternoon. This is one of two races that will be held in the United States. The second one will be later this year. 

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Not only should fans expect to see NBA star LeBron James, but many other pro-athletes, including some from the National Football League, according to Adam Stern, who stated it was reported from the Daily Mail. 

Some fans reacted to the news by replying to Adam Sterns’s tweet with jokes about James not making it to the playoffs. 

Overall, James is making sure to take some time and enjoy the offseason before everything begins to ramp up again and the NBA superstar finds himself needing to stay locked in. 

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