Justin Bieber’s Diet Of Beets And Sauerkraut Making Him Stink?


Last March, Gossip Cop investigated the outrageous claim that Justin Bieber had started a smelly new diet. Is it true that Bieber’s diet has taken a strange turn? Gossip Cop wants to check in. 

Saunas and Sauerkraut? 

Last year, an article from the Globe reported that Bieber had become obsessive about his health. An insider told the tabloid that after his battle with Lyme disease, Bieber had completely dedicated himself to a rigorous mind and body cleanse. According to the article, the cleanse included spending hours of the day meditating in a sauna, drinking odd herbal teas, and adhering to a strict diet of sauerkraut and beets. The report insisted that his wife, Hailey Baldwin, has grown concerned about him.  

Gossip Cop looked into the strange claims. After speaking to a source close to Justin Bieber that confirmed that the report was absurd, it became clear that the story was just as unbelievable as it seems. Bieber has always been a common target for strange made-up stories like this one. This claim is no more factual than the report that said Bieber wanted to cryogenically freeze himself and his wife

Where Is Justin Bieber Now? 

Despite tabloid stories like these, Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin have appeared to be quite well over the past year. Bieber released his seventh studio album, Justice, March 19. To add to the singer’s plans, he’s slated to perform at multiple music festivals later this year. In recent social media posts promoting his new album, he fortunately does not appear sickly despite the tabloid’s claims about his health. 

Baldwin also doesn’t appear to be stressing over Bieber’s alleged diet. On the contrary, the model has launched a popular YouTube channel and continues to grace the cover of magazines like Elle, Bazaar, and Vogue and has never mentioned any sort of beet-related marital troubles.  

The Tabloids Hate The Couple

Hailey Baldwin said in a recent interview that the press has been relentless since she married Justin Bieber back in 2018. Despite the couple’s lack of privacy and spending the second year of their marriage in quarantine, recent reports describe the couple as happy, surprisingly mature, and very much in love. 

This isn’t the first time the Globe has made up stories about celebrities’ health. Last month, Gossip Cop debunked its claim that Whoopi Goldberg was facing a health crisis. Back in January, Gossip Cop investigated its report that said Celine Dion was starving herself on a diet of fruit and crackers. It’s clear that readers should take this publication’s reports on celebrity diets with a grain of salt.

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