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The life of a celebrity has its ups and downs. Sometimes, even the most successful people in the industry need some kind of outlet to get out their frustrations, sadness, loneliness, and other difficult feelings. Many celebrities take to fine arts as a way to use creativity to escape the chaos that is sometimes around them. Many celebrities use painting as their means of expression, and they tend to be very good at it. Most people are lucky to be good at a single skill, however, these celebrities have not only been masters of their craft in Hollywood but also in the painting studio.

8 Lucy Lui

Since she was a child, Lucy Lui has always seen beauty in the world around her. This actress and very talented painter focuses her current work on the beauty of the human body. Her artwork is mostly paintings, however, she does do sculptures with objects that others would consider garbage. Her Lost and Found project shows this clearly. Lui really uses her art as a reminder of how beautiful the world is and as a form of deep expression.

7 Jemima Kirke

This actress played Jessa in GIRLS, but that is not her only creative pursuit. Kirke is an excellent painter who focuses on painting large portraits. Many of her paintings are thought-provoking self-portraits. Her work is interesting because she does not aim to paint herself in a flattering manner. The goal of her artwork seems to honor her imperfections.

6 Stevie Nicks

It is not really a surprise that this free-spirited singer also uses painting as a form of artistic expression. Stevie Nicks uses many bright colors in her work and often has angels and other heavenly beings as the subjects. You can see her personality shine through each piece of artwork, and there is no doubt that they are original. It is almost as if she is representing her music visually.

5 James Franco

This actor turned artistic master really brings his life experience into his artwork. He focuses on painting to express his love for art and his acting experience. He has collaborated with other artists and even had a huge gallery show. His work is brightly colored and often features text to guide the viewer’s perception. Franco has mastered artistic expression with a paintbrush and on screen.

4 Viggo Mortensen

This highly revered, Academy-Award nominated actor has shown his artistic style in movies like “The Lord of the Rings” Trilogy. Now, he furthers this poetic expression through visual artwork, more specifically his paintings. His work consists of photography and abstract paintings that are highly thought-provoking and downright moving. His color choices and painting composition aim to bring about new emotions in the viewer, and he is certainly successful at it.

3 Sylvester Stallone

It comes as a surprise that Sly Stallone would have a softer, more artistic side. However, he has more than just a painting hobby, he is a highly talented artist. He recently revealed that he would sell his beautiful painting pieces for $5 to pay for the bus in his youth. He credits his skill to practicing art for years and to his bright and vivid imagination. The brightly colored paintings he makes give us a window into his imagination.

2 Jim Carrey

Using artwork as a form of expression since he was a young child, this legendary actor has been able to hone his skills and become a magnificent painter. His paintings feature highly saturated colors that demand attention from the viewer. While some of his work can be seen publicly, most of his paintings he keeps for himself, and he doesn’t intend to share them. He paints just for the sheer joy of it, not really to impress anyone else.

1 Johnny Depp

With everything happening in his life right now, it is definitely a good thing that this actor has an outlet. The former Pirates of the Caribbean star is now selling his artwork as NFTs. His current campaign is called Never Fear Truth, and it features very interesting paintings and drawings. He is eager to explore painting further because he previously prohibited himself from doing it. Depp is finding freedom through his paintbrush, and his work is something to behold.

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