John Legend and Chris Seateigen Sell Mansion for $ 16.8 Million | Celebrities


John Legend and Chris Seateigen sold their mansion for $ 16.8 million.

All of Me hitmakers, 42 and 35, are finally relocating their luxury Beverly Hills property (formerly owned by Rihanna) after being forced to relist last year for a $ 24 sale. Was successful. One million people have fallen.

Beverly Hills Douglas Elliman realtor Marshall Peck told the New York Post that the impressive deal offered just a week after it was advertised last August didn’t close, but other potential buyers did. Is on the market saying he wasn’t aware that there was still.

The couple, with their daughter Luna 5 and son Miles 3, leave the family home and move to a large home under renovation after discovering that Clichy is pregnant with her third child. I decided on. Due to miscarriage.

The mansion that John and Clichy bought for $ 14.1 million in 2016 “takes over the most beautiful home in Beverly Hills,” Peck told the publication, “the best finish he’s ever seen.” Said to have.

“Features 33-foot ceilings, carved staircases, and floor-to-ceiling windows with panoramic views of the canyon. Thailand’s bespoke teak ceilings, oak floors, and steel-wrapped clay walls. Exudes sensuality. “

Meanwhile, Clichy is currently involved in a bullying scandal. The scandal faces other consequences, including the departure of Kris Jenner and Kris Jenner’s cleaning supplies company Safely, and the deprivation of approval deals.

The previous Sports Illustrated model admits that it’s part of a “cancellation club,” but it’s also “sucking.”

She said earlier: “Cancellation clubs are fascinating and I’ve learned a lot. Only a few understand it and don’t know until you’re there. It’s possible. And obviously it’s hard to talk about it in that sense because you can hear it. Whining when you do something obviously wrong. It’s just terrible. You won’t win. But here anyway. Never. (Sic) “

Chrissy fired earlier this year when he was accused of posting a cruel jibe on social media early in his career. This includes the case of ordering Courtney Studden to take his life.

John Legend and Chris Seateigen Sell Mansion for $ 16.8 Million | Celebrities

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