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The talk of the town in terms of positive news is the Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez engagement. These two lived through a torrid romance back in the early ‘2000s but they split only to eventually return to each other with more passion. As we all wait for their wedding to take place later this year, the couple seems to already be moving towards picking their new love nest.

While Ben Affleck is more keen on buying a big house, J-Lo appears to want the life of royalty and buy an estate that resembles a palace with many bedrooms and many kitchens. Here’s where the couple allegedly are having some minor disagreements, but nothing too serious though.

According to TMZ, there was a lot of movement at their respective homes moving furniture out of there. There was also reported movement at a massive Beverly Hills estate that used to belong to Mariah Carey’s ex husband. According tot he report, Ben and J-Lo would be willing to pay the asking price for this home given that their price range is going up to $85 million.

This home has a giant swimming pool and several buldings that go around a massive garden. It’s pretty ideal for what Lopez expects but she is going to have to convince Ben, it shouldn’t be that difficult.

How much is this home worth?

According to the listings, this house has an asking price of $60 million that would be no issue for either Affleck or Lopez. They are both doing perfectly well from a financial standpoint, all they care about is moving in together already. Nothing has been confirmed yet, only activity outside of all the parties’ homes involved.

As soon as we can confirm the information, we will let you know what the love birds decide. It should be important for both of them to have space for their respective children. That palace-like home could be the answer to these problems.

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