Is Cootamundra Airport the gateway to celebrities in New South Wales?


Cirium, an aviation data and analytics company, supports statistics that 20 international civilian flights landed at Cootamundra Airport between April 2020 and May 2021. Photo: Cootamundra Tourism.

Cootamundra Airport has received the attention of COVID-19 after being reported to have the second highest number of private international flights to Australia in the last 12 months.

Numbers from recently quoted aviation data and analyst Cirium Sydney Morning HeraldOf the 113 private international flights that arrived in Australia between April 1, 2020 and May 26, 2021, most landed in Bunbury, Western Australia, 20 of which landed at Cootamundra Airport. I showed that.

Sydney slightly outperforms Cleeve (12) in South Australia, Boigu Island (7) in Queensland, Brisbane (5), Armidale (5), Coolangatta (4) and Cunnamulla (4) in Queensland. , Was rated 3rd (13).

Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman

Will Cootamundra Airport be the gateway to Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman, where the Southern Highlands property is just a few hours away? Photo: Instagram.

Flights to Cootamundra depart from New Orleans (3), Nashville (1), Charleston (1), and Romeoville (1) in the United States.

But this is all the news to the airport administrator, Kutam Mundra Gandagai Regional Council. Regional media They knew nothing about the arrival of international flights.

Mayor Abu McAllister Sydney Morning Herald And that was the first time he heard about this issue.

“For me, this is a concern that this may happen during COVID-19 when the council and the community do not know it,” he said.

NSW Health, which must manage the mandatory COVID-19 quarantine requirements in NSW, is also in the dark.

They introduced the question to the Australian Border Force (ABF), stating that the Australian Border Force had nothing to do with them.

A spokeswoman has finally issued a statement that NSW Health is unaware of the international flights landing on Cootamundra.

And with all accounts, flights arrive under ABF’s radar, which is responsible for handling travelers and providing customs and immigration for travelers.

Rupert Murdoch

The Murdoch family Yasu’s collection (pictured Rupert Murdoch) is near Cootamundra Airport. Photo: Wikipedia.

ABF said Regional media They do not have a record of private international charter flights arriving in Cootamundra.

How about 20?

“There are no flights,” ABF replied.

They said that all international aircraft arriving in Australia must be presented for border crossing at a designated international airport or an alternative airport approved in writing by the ABF.

They have confirmed that travelers can arrive and pass through major airport terminals, off-terminals at major airports, or airports with restricted or non-international use.

“Charter operator or pilot of an international aircraft attempting to land at a restricted airport or non-international airport [where there is no permanent border agency presence] We need to ask ABF for permission, “they said.

“ABF has approved 48 flights arriving at restricted airports nationwide from February 1, 2021 to May 22, 2021 as well as private international charter flights arriving in Coomadra, New South Wales. There is no record. “

The ABF was not ready to clarify the number of flights arriving in Australia between April 2020 and May 2021.

“In addition, aircraft arriving at non-international airports will be coordinated through the National Passenger Processing Commission (NPPC), which consists of federal agencies responsible for borders,” said ABF.

“No approval has been issued for international aircraft arriving in Cootamundra, New South Wales.”

Chris Hemsworth and his daughter

Actor Chris Hemsworth was recently found collecting sheep with his children in a land near Jujon. Photo: Instagram.

Social media Sydney Morning Herald The article was posted on the Facebook page of “Cootamundra Issues”. Names such as Rupert Murdoch, Nicole Kidman, and Keith Urban floated alongside Chris Hemsworth and Matt Damon, who were recently found chasing sheep and buying coffee near Jujon. ..

And there is the fact that international agricultural idyllic property, horse studs and polo businesses are terribly scattered in the countryside.

But paying them all was a comment from a local who worked at the control tower at Wagga Wagga Airport. He said there are limited circumstances in which ABF may approve landings at undesignated airports.

“But it’s very rare,” he said. “In 10 years, two direct flights from overseas have been approved.”

Federal and state transport ministers were also asked for comment, but did not respond.

Deputy Prime Minister and member of Riverina Michael McCormack is also the Federal Minister of Infrastructure, Transport and Regional Development.

He also postponed ABF’s response.

A Cirium spokesman said he was able to confirm that the flight information provided in connection with Cootamundra Airport was incorporated into the Cirium data.

Mayor McAllister said he hopes that if Keith Urban is using the airport, there will be a free concert at the airport, at least for Cootamundra.

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