Irresistible love – Celebrities reveal the qualities they find appealing in a partner

Domestic engineer and costume designer, Jodi ‘Jinx’ Henriques, who is married to Jamaican artiste and producer, Sean Paul, said what makes her happy is knowing she is cared for and loved by her man. “A man that thinks of me and does things that…

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Domestic engineer and costume designer, Jodi ‘Jinx’ Henriques, who is married to Jamaican artiste and producer, Sean Paul, said what makes her happy is knowing she is cared for and loved by her man.

“A man that thinks of me and does things that will make me happy, thinks about the repercussions, goes and puts gas in my car – those are the little things that I will notice and know that I am cared for and loved,” she said.

Henriques is among a number of women and men across the Caribbean interviewed by Jamaica’s latest dating platform,, on the top three qualities they find highly irresistible in a partner.

The group, which included married men and women, outnumbered by their single counterparts, who will probably face another Valentine’s Day alone, say partners who take care of themselves, smell good and carry a positive body image are irresistible.

Emotional intelligence; highly ambitious and a great sense of humour topped the qualities for University of the West Indies professor, Dr Donna Hope; television and radio broadcaster Dahlia Harris and journalist Janella Precius.

While actress Kristina Goodison, and brand and content strategist, Stacia Allen, are looking for loyalty, reliability, commitment and discipline.

“If he is highly ambitious, he must display this not just in words, but in deeds. There must be tangible evidence of this ambition being put to work and achieving results. Talkers who spin pies in the sky are so unattractive. He must be a doer,” stressed Hope.

Her comments were lauded by founder, Montego Bay businesswoman Janet Silvera, who noted that there were different strokes for different folks, but the majority of people looking for happiness and a partner want honesty, respect and communication.

Goodison wants a spiritually sound partner, while marketing and communications consultant, Dara Smith, is turned on by a man who cooks. She says cooking is the build-up, “enjoying what’s prepared and what comes after is everything”.

Silvera, who launched her dating site on Wednesday, says many of the people who will sign up on Fiyahstick will be looking for these qualities, and much more.

“I am sure some people will come just for the sex, but I wish to make it clear that our site is not a Tinder. We are not selling one-night stands; we hope to create meaningful and wholesome relationships that could culminate into marriage,” Silvera told The Sunday Gleaner.


The men who weighed in on the ‘irresistible’ questioning are looking for similar attributes in women, with the words “confidence, driven, sense of humour and honesty” making it to the top of the ladder.

Igniting the flame and spreading the fiyah across the Caribbean, premier of Nevis, the Hon Mark Brantley, said he looks for intellect, honesty and confidence.

On the Jamaican front, Digicel’s public relations and communications manager, Elon Parkinson, wants a woman with unbridled ambition, profound passion and dogged determination to be great at whatever she does.

“I wouldn’t say he is asking for too much,” Silvera quipped, adding that no two men really want the same thing in a woman, and that is why it is important not to judge current relationships with the ones left behind.

Parkinson did get support from Tarik Ffrench, architect and digital artist, who didn’t just find ambitious and honest women irresistible, but in addition to building that “power couple vibes”, he just wants to be loved.

“Everybody has their own love language and receives and gives love differently, but for me, lots of love and affection is a big thing.”

Award-winning Canada-based Jamaican executive chef extraordinaire, Noel Cunningham, is inspired by openness and willingness to share; while entrepreneur and author, Peter Ivey, is stirred by a partner who understands the importance of patience.

For music producer and content creator, Joshua ‘Jamaican Josh’ Rechani, his partner must have a relationship with God.

“My grandmother showed me the importance of the presence of God in relationships. She never did anything without praying for my grandfather first. She passed away on her wedding anniversary after 68 years of marriage,” Rechani told The Sunday Gleaner.

Rechani didn’t stop there. He noted that the depth of capacity that one can love oneself shows the ability to love others.

“That’s the jackpot,” said Silvera. “We hope the people who come to our site will fully embrace this last statement.”

COVID-19 DATING TIPS founder, Montego Bay businesswoman Janet Silvera, outlines her tips on how to date safely in the COVID-19 era:

• Have online breakfast/dinner (each person cooks and eats over video chat)

• Play games over video chat

• Send ‘love letters’ through the mail or via email

• Take an online cooking class together

• Dress up and watch a movie together (from a distance)

• Use the time to get to know each other


• Emotional intelligence

• Highly ambitious

• Great sense of humour

• Honesty

• Respect

• Open, clear communication

• Loyalty

• Reliability

• Commitment

• Discipline

• Spiritually sound

• A good cook

• Caring

• Loving


• Confidence

• Unbridled ambition

• Sense of humour

• Honesty

• Intellect

• Profound passion

• Dogged determination

• Love

• Openness and willingness to share

• Patience

• Relationship with God

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