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Iggy Azalea claims that Britney Spears’ father signed a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) “moment” before the two singers went on stage.

A “fancy” hit maker said in support of last week’s allegations that the “toxic” singer and her parents were “abuseful,” and “between some of the actions Britney detailed in the bomb testimony.” I personally witnessed it. “

In a statement shared on Twitter, she wrote: “Basic human decency to at least exclude anyone that Britney has identified as abusive from her life. This should be illegal.

“When I worked with him in 2015, I personally witnessed the same behavior that Britney elaborated on his father last week. I would like to back her up and tell the world: She is not exaggerating or lying.

“I saw her limited even from the strangest and most trivial things: like the number of sodas she was allowed to drink. Why do you need it?” “

The “fancy” singer then swiped Britney’s father Jamie Spears-the “Womanizer” hitmaker tried to remove it as her co-saver but failed-and he sang “Pretty Things” 2 How to act towards her in front of two stars at the 2015 Billboard Music Awards.

She continued as follows: “Her father said that when I was behind the scenes in the dressing room, I was literally waiting shortly before the BMA performance and wouldn’t allow me to stand on stage without signing an NDA.

“The way he tried to get me to sign the deal sounded similar to the tactics Britney talked about last week about the Las Vegas show. Jamie Spears told people while he seemed to be coerced. It’s customary to have documents signed. Britney Spears shouldn’t be forced to co-exist with the man when he reveals that he’s having a negative impact on his mental health. This isn’t quite right. as it is)”

Iggy’s statement came a few days after urging fans to “leave.” [her] After accusing her of not supporting Britney and admitting she was worried that she would be sued if she decided to speak.

She writes: “I have signed a non-disclosure agreement. Her father can and will probably sue me.

“I’m actually here and here to support someone in a useful way.

“Britney says in his own words that it’s embarrassing to even share this with the world. If I needed to speak for her, the message was delivered to her.

“Other than that-I’m fine. I did what I was supposed to do, I reached out.

“Half of these people are just here for entertainment, so you’re not supposed to unknowingly tell you everything that’s happening.

“If I really care and she needs my voice, she can use me. Leave me alone.”

Iggy Azalea talks to help Britney Spears | Celebrities

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