I Tried Goldbelly’s Most Iconic Celebrity Chefs’ Meal Kits


May I confess something real quick? I miss restaurants! I know, don’t we all at this point in the pandemic? But it led me to switch things up and bring these restaurants home.

Goldbelly is a one-stop shop website where you can order from local and regional restaurants and have it delivered no matter where you are. When ordering, I picked iconic celebrity chef meals that you’d normally have to make a reservation for months in advance or wait in a ridiculously long line. I was able to skip all that and have them shipped overnight! Here are my thoughts.

Guy Fieri’s Trash Can Nachos

guy fieri trash can nachos

$69; Serves 4-6

Jackie Iadonisi

These nachos blew me away! Guy’s trash can nachos went viral a few years ago because they offered a new take we’d never seen before (AKA serving them in a literal trash can). I need all the entertainment I can get right now, and building this masterpiece tower of nachos on my own was the pinnacle of my week. Plus, I love when food is not only delicious, but also has an entertaining element to it. These nachos did not disappoint! (Pssst, want to make at home for cheaper? We’ve got the recipe.)

Questlove’s Cheesesteak

questlove cheesesteak

$89; Serves 4

Jackie Iadonisi

Questlove is killing the game in and out of the kitchen! He’s a Grammy-winning drummer and has been nominated for a James Beard Award. He also famously created an Impossible cheesesteak that has been sold at music festivals and arenas. What I loved most about this meal was how convenient it was—everything was ready to go. There was minimal prep work; all I had to do is pop the sandwich in the oven, warm up the cheese, and it was ready to eat in less than 25 minutes. The only thing I was disappointed about was the portion size—with a price tag of $22 per sandwich, I need the meat to be falling out of the bread. Aside from that, the flavor was solid and it’s a great vegetarian alternative (note: the ‘meat’ is vegan, however, the cheese is not).

Wolfgang Puck’s Chicken Pot Pie

wolfgang pucks  chicken pot pie

$139; Serves 4

Jackie Iadonisi

This Chicken Pot Pie has landed on the Oscars’ menu…need I say more?

Wolfgang Puck…need I say more?

TRUFFLE…need I say more?

This hands down was the fanciest pot pie I have ever had…and I never want to go back.

Momofuku’s Pork Belly Buns

momofuku pork belly buns

$119; Serves 4-6

Jackie Iadonisi

This was hands down my favorite meal. I wanted to try David Chang’s food for a while now—but I’m not a fan of long lines and his restaurant in LA always seems to have them. I was excited to see that his famed pork belly buns found their way onto Goldbelly. The buns were salty, sweet, and soft! The pork belly was jam-packed with flavor and melted in my mouth. The best part of it all was that it took me less than 15 minutes to prepare this meal.

As someone who doesn’t know her way around the kitchen, I quickly fell in love with Goldbelly. Each dish was easy to make and such a fun process; however, the price may make it difficult for people to order on the daily.

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Guy's BBQ Trash Can Nachos

Guy’s BBQ Trash Can Nachos

Guy Fieri


Questlove’s Cheesesteak™️ - 4 Pack

Questlove’s Cheesesteak™️ – 4 Pack

Quest Loves Food


Truffle Chicken Pot Pie Kit for 4

Truffle Chicken Pot Pie Kit for 4

Wolfgang Puck Catering


Pork Buns - 12 Pack

Pork Buns – 12 Pack



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