HUGE FAIL: Miami F1 promoters rip off celebrities for “shit show” hospitality – TheJudge13

The Miami GP has been hailed as the greatest new FP event for decades. Tickets were restricted and many regular F1 fans could not attend the event. Sport’s marketing companies bought around 50% of the ticket allocation which the organisers admitted were restricted this year.

The A list celebrities and their friends were targeted for the ticket allocation which saw Michelle Obama, Michael Jordan, The Williams sisters and Tom Brady up front to name a mere fraction of the guest list.

Yet being a guest in the exclusive F1 paddock club is costly. $13,000 was the price this weekend. But surprisingly the Miami promoter negotiated with FOM to provide the Paddock Club hospitality and catering themselves rather than use the regular Paddock Club caterers.

This proved to be a disaster. The Paddock Club is the prime location above the pit garages and with ever flowing food and drinks all day.

F1 Journo, know it all hack and forever race attendee Adam Cooper tweeted after the race, “A lot of good things about Miami but teams and sponsors not happy with the quality of service in the Paddock Club…. Run locally rather than by the usual F1 organisation. Tickets are $13,000 so people expect 5 stars…. First world problems I know, but lessons to be learned.’

Cooper clearly felt his message had not been heard and added today, “If anything I underplayed this [topic] yesterday. Some senior marketing people told me it was a “shit show” and wealthy F1 newcomers/potential sponsors won’t be coming back after a bad experience.”

Miami is all about the Bling, its all about the excess… almost, an experience way and beyond what could be considered possible.

Yet the race promoters were allowed an unusual deal to host the Paddock club gazillionaires themselves and Royally cocked it up.

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