How the court keeps Johnny Depp and Amber Heard apart during trial? | Marca

During the weeks that have passed since the defamation trial between Johnny Depp and Amber Heard began, different details have emerged about the actor couple, from accusations against him about trying to murder her to her allegedly stealing plot line from ‘The Talented Mr. Ripley’ during her testimony.

At all times during the trial, the two actors have kept to their respective areas of the courtroom, but another detail that has been taken care of is that Depp and Heard never meet when leaving the courtroom.

Quoting TMZ, “Johnny and Amber’s entrances and exits are arranged by court deputies, who work with their security teams to stagger timing to make sure they don’t see each other.”

Awkward moment between Heard and Depp on Thursday

Care on the part of agents looking to make sure the actors don’t see each other, or at least don’t see each other in a closer encounter is strictly checked in conjunction with security teams, as witnessed last Thursday.

Right after Heard finished giving her testimony, a break was granted for everyone to go to lunch and in an admittedly awkward moment Amberd and Johnny saw eye-to-eye for a moment as the latter headed for the exit door.

However, an agent asked Depp to step back to allow Heard to return to her place along with her team of lawyers. Once Amber retreated from the exit, Depp was finally allowed to leave the place, but not before seeing the actor make a couple of curious gestures in reference to the crossing with his ex-wife.

Even sources quoted by TMZ assure that the actors did not have eye contact at that moment.

As of this Friday, the trial is paused until May 16, when Heard will continue his testimony answering questions from his lawyer, Elaine Bredehoft, and then follow a cross-examination.

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