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The LA wildfires were a shock to all involved, so many people and families have gone through the devastation of losing their homes and private belongings. The fire doesn’t differentiate between those who are celebrities and those who are not and thanks to LA’s large celebrity influence there have also been a number of big industry names who have also been affected by the horrific blazes. Many people have been affected in different ways with some being luckier than others one thing is for sure, we need to band together to help rebuild the community and salvage what we can.

The LA wildfires took us all by surprise, and this article will be going over some of the many ways that people have been impacted by them celebrities included, as well as some of the schemes that have been put in place to help those in need because of this situation. If you are struggling with anything no matter who you are you need to be aware that there is help available and many celebrities are also helping the cause with their own donations.

One of the biggest events to occur alongside the fires was the mass evacuation that took place in many of the affected areas, without the hard work of the authorities and the compliance by most residents, so many lives were saved from the blaze. Although leaving their homes was a scary thought, many celebrities also took part in the evacuation to ensure the safety of family and loved ones. Social media really took off with posts encouraging evacuation and sharing the official advice, this is where social media can be a really big help especially when spreading the word amongst the tight-knit LA community.

It should come as no surprise to you that there was significant damage that was done to the LA region over the period of the fires, so many homes have been wiped out, and those that are lucky enough to have something to come back to still have a ton of repairs to complete before their homes are safe enough for entry. It is important that you are taking every procedure seriously as not doing things right the first time could lead to even more damages and the process taking even longer.

How Some of LA's Most Popular Celebrities are Recovering From the Wild Fires

A scheme that has come into play when it comes to the fires would have to be those companies in the market for buying homes that have been damaged by fire if you are too traumatized to return and think that after everything a fresh start is what you need then this could be perfect for you to do that. These fire damaged home buyers will take many things into consideration before making an offer so don’t rule it off as being some sort of scam straight away. They are basically buying the property based upon the extent of the damage as well as the value of the land so you could get a very respectable offer that could help start your new life away from the events of the blazes.

Many celebrities are taking part in charity work with many of the associated organizations, these charities are working extremely hard to help those who need it get back on their feet and ensure they are comfortable and have access to alternative accommodation before they can get back home. In a time like this, it is the charities that are working tirelessly with the help of many local celebs to bring the community together in these trying times.

Another way that many celebrities have been giving back to the community would have to be through their donations of essential supplies like food, water, and medicines to aid the front lines and ensure people are not going without their essential items. Many charities are undertaking a huge drive for supplies so if you are in a position to donate you can find the relevant organizations all over social media and other online sources, the same applies if you are in need of supplies to help look after your family.

A final way that many people and celebrities are looking to recover from the fires and the damage they have caused would have to be the increase in the use of temporary accommodation. Many hotels and other establishments are offering free or discounted stays to help people have a place to sleep while their homes are undergoing repairs. Some celebrities have also contributed to this cause by offering to pay for families to stay in hotels. It is nice to see that those who are well off are looking out for the community and helping out those who are in serious need of help.

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