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For many of us, reality TV is a guilty pleasure. We love to stretch out on the sofa with a bowl of popcorn and watch the Real Housewives of this place or that place, Keeping Up With The Kardashians or My Unorthodox Life. The lives of this super-rich, high-rolling celebrities are lives that most of us could never even dream of, and spending a few hours getting lost in their mind-blowing day-to-days is escapism from our own daily drudgery.

We love to feel we have a little window into lives made truly extraordinary by massive amounts of money. While you’re playing your favorite online slots, they might be splashing around in a bathtub full of Christian Dior bubbles in the penthouse suite at Ceasar’s Palace. While you’re going for your morning run, they might be in the middle of a session with one of the most exclusive private trainers in the world. While you’re cooking a delicious roast chicken for the family, they’re lounging on the patio, waiting for their private chef to bring out the evening meal. The hobbies of the rich and famous are something we’ve been voyeuristically interested in for as long as the wealth gap has existed…let’s take a look at how decadent they really are.

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You know those high rolling celebs love their ski trips! We’ll set the scene for you: a haze of white mountains in the background, lonely and cold. A ski lodge made of enormous trees with exquisite stone fireplaces dotted around here and there, around which well-dressed skiers congregate, glasses of red wine or hot chocolate clutched in their perfectly manicured hands. Outside, exquisite ski chalets with watching chimneys expelling the smoke from the many matching fireplaces that keep these celebrities warm. Skiing in this form is one of the more expensive things that high rolling celebs and rich people do for fun. How much actual skiing takes place is up for debate: those apres-ski outfits are often far too cute and expensive to even think of hitting the slopes in them! If these celebs get any athletic activity in, you can bet it’s on the best made and most expensive equipment around. According to recent reports, skiing is one of the top five wealth activities worldwide, and 12% of these skiers only vacation in ski homes that they own.


Another fun activity beloved by the worlds wealthiest is boating. Although, again, how much actual boating is done by the wealthy people in question is…questionable. They have a crew for that! 38 % of people own the boats they use, which are staffed by a full complement of crew members there to make sure that your every whim is catered to. The captain takes on all the hard work of making sure that they don’t get lost or drive into anything worse than a light drizzle, and the fabulous people set about shopping for boating outfits and running down guest lists of who makes the cut to be invited onboard for a trip.

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What do you do when you have more money than you could ever use and own everything that anyone worthwhile should own? Start collecting something bizarre, of course! Now not all wealthy collectors have niche collections; in fact, many invest in art and have such well-rounded and beautiful collections that they frequently loan these out to museums for public viewing. However, the more unusual and eccentric collectors opt for collecting bugs and skeletons (Johnny Depp), more than 500 Rolls Royces (SultanHassanal Bolkiah), and vintage typewriters (Tom Hanks), or armored vehicles (Jacques Littlefield). Collecting is one of the most loved hobbies of the wealthy, particularly if they come from “old money,” as collecting things like art is a show of one’s superior taste and general refinement.


What does someone with lots of money and lots of time do when they’ve tried everything else on the list? They give some of both away. Philanthropy is something that most extremely wealthy people do not do so much for “fun” but for the pleasure of knowing that they are improving the lives of people with less wealth than themselves…and the tax write-off, of course. Richard Bransom, Lady Diana, Bill, and Melinda Gates; are people whose lives dealt them great hands in terms of financial resources and who, instead of simply showing off how much money they have, have used it to make the lives of others slightly better. Philanthropy is a hobby, and it certainly does provide the wealthy who are involved some pleasure, but it’s more a calling than something someone does just for fun.

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Wrap Up

Being rich sounds like a lot of fun if you’re always off skiing, on a boat, or helping improve the world around you, doesn’t it? Which of these high rolling hobbies would you most love to try?

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