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Your New Year’s Eve Horoscope Is Here

Perhaps it goes without saying that we’re looking forward to leaving 2020 behind, and eagerly anticipating an exciting new future in 2021. And the planets are shifting, helping us to consider a new way of going about life. A fresh path opens up for us on December 31, which feels apropos. The Sun spends the day in practical Capricorn, encouraging us to plan for the unexpected on New Year’s Eve. The night before, we enjoyed a Full Moon in sensitive Cancer, but tonight, the Moon wanes in proud Leo, putting us in the mood to shake things up, get noticed, and receive blessings. Although  our typical celebrations are a bit smaller this year, we can make the most of the transit by dressing up in something flashy and enjoying ringing in the New Year with our quarantine buddies, or a wider virtual circle. Play games like charades or trivia to keep the mood bright and happy.It’s important to build ourselves up this New Year’s Eve, as our self-image may have become distorted thanks to Venus’s Dec. 30 square with illusion-loving Neptune. This transit’s influence continues through New Year’s Eve, and it will mess with the way we see ourselves and others. Even though it’s a celebratory night, we’d be better off avoiding over-indulging in alcohol or other mind-bending substances during this square between the Planet of Love and Beauty and the Planet of Dreams; we’re having a hard enough time seeing straight as it is.All in all, we’re being encouraged to work towards common goals in 2021. Saturn, which governs our power structures, moved into innovative Aquarius on December 17, and Jupiter, the Planet of Luck, followed on December 19. Together, these transits create a hopeful outlook towards supporting humanitarian efforts, helping us turn away from old selfish ways of thinking. This New Year’s Eve, we’re already feeling the glow of a more community-oriented mindset, and the vibe is strongly grounded in realism, thanks to chatty Mercury moving through sensible Capricorn. Sure, Dec. 31 is just one day out of a whole year. But the stars and planets are in our favor, and that helps us enter the new year with confidence.AriesMarch 21 to April 19In the mood to schmooze, Aries? You can still find ways to bring attention to your influential side on NYE if you can think creatively, while the pleasure-seeking Sun lights up your 10th house of career, structure, and public image. Have fun setting up a celebratory space in your home so that you can light up the night on social media. Charming Venus forms a square against inner growth-ruling Neptune the night before NYE, putting you in a slightly confused mood — fight through the fog with some positive affirmations, and get dressed to impress. The domestic-ruling Moon wanes in royal Leo on New Year’s Eve, helping you channel your inner aristocrat. Splurge a little on your favorite treats and enjoy luxury as you ring in the new year in style.Illustrated by Anthony EslickTaurusApril 20 to May 20Make your own excitement at home, Taurus. This New Year’s Eve, your domestic-ruling Sun is in your 9th house of exploration, adventure, and belief, and you’re ready to turn the party up. Brainstorm ways to keep things interesting while feeding your mind, perhaps by suggesting some creative games to play while you wait for the ball to drop. If your friends resist, trust in your ability to make it seem fun: The emotional-ruling Moon wanes in charismatic Leo, helping you get in touch with your inner performer. You’ll still be feeling the aftershocks of routine-ruling Venus’s Dec. 30 square with space-cadet Neptune. During this transit, things can get off track. Try to roll with the punches and let yourself be flexible. Your positive attitude will carry the night, no matter what happens. Illustrated by Anthony EslickGeminiMay 21 to June 20The future excites you, Gemini. So much is possible right now, as the Sun moves through your 8th house of transformation, mystery, and dramatic change. Enjoy this New Year’s Eve by getting cozy with your loved ones and discussing the opportunities that lay beyond the horizon. Try not to let work matters cloud your brain, a possibility due to beauty-loving Venus’s Dec. 30 square against career-ruling Neptune. Your thoughts cannot be trusted during this troublesome transit; if they drift off toward work, redirect them. Instead, reflect on how you’ve grown as a person during this tumultuous year. Happily, the material-ruling Moon waning in generous Leo puts you in the mood to celebrate. Enjoy making a decadent meal for your loved ones, and savor each other’s company, whether you’re seeing each other IRL or virtually.Illustrated by Anthony EslickCancerJune 21 to July 22Are you already planning for the year ahead, Cancer? You may be focused on your financial goals this New Year’s Eve, as the money-ruling Sun lights up your 7th house of partnerships, contracts, and business. Consider the beautiful relationships that have brought you where you are now, and focus on how you can give back to your community. Your house could become a slightly disorganized place leading up to NYE, an effect of domestic-ruling Venus’s Dec. 30 square with lucky Neptune. Try not to let any inconveniences frazzle you, and remember that imperfection holds beauty and authenticity. Live in the moment! Your ruling Moon wanes in entertaining Leo, helping you to steal the show. Crack jokes with your family and closest buddies over a video call, and enjoy the lively energy.Illustrated by Anthony EslickLeoJuly 23 to August 22It’s all about optimization for you, Leo. Tonight, you’re focused on how you can create a better, stronger you in 2021, as the ruling Sun moves through your 6th house of health, order, and service. Spend a little time formulating a sustainable plan for your schedule, leaving room for error — it’s okay to re-adjust your goals. You may have a distorted view of yourself thanks to status-minded Venus’s square against imaginative Neptune on Dec. 30. Try to fight against these deceptive feelings by reflecting on and celebrating everything you have to be thankful for. The Moon wanes in warmhearted Leo on New Year’s Eve, drawing people to you like moths to a flame. Ham it up and enjoy the spotlight as we move into the new year.Illustrated by Anthony EslickVirgoAugust 23 to September 22There’s something magical about this time of year for you, Virgo. It could be that whenever New Year’s Eve comes around, the Sun is moving through your 5th house of creativity, pleasure, and romance. As a result, the world feels brighter, and you’re ready to tick 2020 off your list. Think of the exciting projects that you can accomplish on your clean new slate. Dec. 30’s square between money-ruling Venus and passionate Neptune could leave you feeling frustrated with your financials, but it’s important to remember that feelings aren’t facts. Brush these emotions off by getting more information, and try to look on the bright side: There’s nothing that you can’t accomplish with a little hard work. The deep-feeling Moon wanes in charming Leo, encouraging you to come out of your shell. Connect with loved ones and share fond memories over a video chat to get in the spirit for 2021.Illustrated by Anthony EslickLibraSeptember 23 to October 22Home is the place to be this NYE, Libra. You’re ready to get cozy for an evening of low-key celebrations while the Sun moves through your 4th house of family, instincts, and foundations. Get excited to celebrate with your loved ones by planning an evening to be remembered with food, fun, and entertainment. It might feel as though your plans aren’t lining up, thanks to ruling Venus’s Dec. 30 square with schedule-savvy Neptune, but it’s okay! Be flexible and find exciting ways to keep each other amused old-school style: Think along the lines of classic board games or cards. Your status-ruling Moon wanes in proud Leo, encouraging you to share your evening on social media. This instinct may help you find creative ways to connect with your friends so you can all celebrate the countdown to 2021 together — a digital dance party might be right up your alley.Illustrated by Anthony EslickScorpioOctober 23 to November 21What do you want to manifest in the new year, Scorpio? You’re feeling inspired to share your ideas with the world and your following this New Year’s Eve, as the status-ruling Sun speeds through your 3rd house of communication, thought, and community. You might be also feeling extra emotional, as you cope with the after-effects of passionate Venus’s Dec. 30 square with dreamy Neptune. Try not to let your feelings control you during this deceptive transit. If you’re in a relationship, it could bring insecurities about your boo to the surface, and if you’re single you may feel a spike in anxiety or a shaky sense of self. Either way, try to look beyond the illusions. The sensitive Moon wanes in charismatic Leo, encouraging you to tap into your softer side. It’s a great time to test out jokes and make memories with those you love. Embrace this vulnerability as you look forward to the future. Illustrated by Anthony EslickSagittariusNovember 22 to December 21Count your blessings, Sagittarius. Consider all that you have to be thankful for this New Year’s Eve, as the Sun moves through your 2nd house of finances, values, and possessions. If you want to plan for the future, use this transit to get your material belongings in order before you begin celebrating the end of the year. It’s essential to be aware of what you need, so take some time to prepare and find solutions to your goals. Create some alternate plans for your NYE celebrations, just in case you hit a roadblock — which is possible, as on Dec. 30 routine-ruling Venus forms a square against domestic-ruling Neptune. Work to be flexible, no matter what happens. The emotional Moon wanes in inspiring Leo on NYE, bringing an optimistic atmosphere to the night’s festivities. Make time to reach out to loved ones before you ring in this new year, so you can spread your joy.Illustrated by Anthony EslickCapricornDecember 22 to January 19Celebrate your unique, adaptable spirit, Capricorn. You’ve made it through a challenging year, and people are looking to you for inspiration as the Sun highlights your 1st house of self, first impressions, and appearance on New Year’s Eve. Dress to the nines and make yourself feel fabulous as you anticipate the big countdown to 2021. You’ll want to leave work talk at work after career-ruling Venus’s Dec. 30 square against communication-ruling Neptune. There are other more important subjects to concentrate on — such as catching up with friends. Instead of leading conversations on this celebratory night, try listening to avoid any brain farts that might come your way. Happily, the affection-ruling Moon wanes in playful Leo puts you in the mood to socialize and celebrate. Research fun, simple games to play with a few friends (if you’re sticking with your pod) or virtually (if you’re trying a Zoom party) to liven up the mood.Illustrated by Anthony EslickAquariusJanuary 20 to February 18Reflect on how you’ve grown, Aquarius. You’re almost ready to embark on exciting new beginnings for 2021 as the love-ruling Sun moves through your 12th house of inner growth, vulnerability, and conclusion. It’s a transformative time for you and how you relate to others. Loosen up and adjust to speed-bumps that arrive on NYE courtesy of domestic-ruling Venus’s troublesome Dec. 30 square against materialistic Neptune. You’re equipped to handle any inconvenience with a great attitude. Just make sure to have extra food or refreshments on hand so you don’t get stuck. The routine-ruling Moon wanes in enthusiastic Leo, putting you in the mood to enjoy the last night of 2020 with those you love.Illustrated by Anthony EslickPiscesFebruary 19 to March 20It’s all about connection, Pisces. Plan to reach out to your social circle to celebrate the new year together over video chat, as your routine-ruling Sun moves through your 11th house of groups, friendships, and goals. Learn to be kinder to yourself and allow for little mistakes; it’s worth being intentional on those points, as charming Venus forms a square against ruling Neptune on December 30, creating disruptive after-shocks. Remember: You can overcome negative or uncertain energy with the right attitude. Take the lead when it comes to planning your NYE activities. Your creative-ruling Moon wanes in confident Leo, enabling you to turn up the party in a big way — let loose and create new traditions on this unique NYE. Illustrated by Anthony EslickLike what you see? 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