Houston’s Celebrity Sunglasses Queen — Entrepreneur’s New Brand Captivates Rock Stars …

Mixing it up with Cyndi Lauper, the Aerosmith band, Alice Cooper and the like, native Houstonian Margot Hogan is anything but the typical stay-at-home mom of three youngsters. Though she is that as well.

This entrepreneur dynamo charged into the rock arena with several pairs of her branded sunglasses in December of 2019 and has been shaking up the world’s concept of fashionable eyewear since.

The list of her fans includes Country Music Awards Musician of the Year winner Jenee Fleenor, Tanya Tucker, fashion influencer Galina Antinova, Poison drummer Rikki Rocket, Cheap Trick, Ryan Cabrera and loads more.

The Kinkaid School and Tulane University grad professes a creative streak that needs stroking and thus Hogan turned her interests to sunglasses. After doing her homework, studying the industry and lining up a Chinese company to manufacturer her goods at far less cost than luxury branded sunglasses, she jumped in christening her brand transparent (yes, it’s lower case).

“I’m a creative soul and I’ve always had this passion for just being myself,” Hogan tells PaperCity. “And I would say that I’ve always traveled to the beat of my own drum. I love the power of self-expression through eyewear.

“I literally think it is the most powerful nonverbal communication in any fashion accessories that you wear.”

Celebrity Sunglasses

Once her sunglass creations were in hand all Hogan needed was entree to the world of celebs. It came one night during a concert at Houston Oaks Country Club when musician/music producer Marti Frederiksen took the stage and talked about his career.

“My heart practically beat out of my chest because I knew right then and there that I would align transparent beautifully with the music industry because of our shared passion for self expression,” Hogan says. “It just made sense.”

From there and after too many more serendipitous happenings to go into, Hogan ended up as the exclusive sunglass provider in The Grammys’ gift lounge, prior to the event. With 200 pairs of sunglasses in 15 different styles, Hogan was a hit. Her wares were quickly snatched up by a host of rock and country music stars.

Transparent sunglasses founder Margot Hogan with musician Cheap Trick. (Instagram photo)

The night before The Grammys, she received a text from the Aerosmith team reading: “Our guys dig your shades. Can you please deliver a few more pairs of aviators to us to have in rehearsals tomorrow?”  A week after The Grammys, Ryan Cabrera reached out for an additional pair. Tanya Tucker enjoyed her transparent sunglasses so much that she nicknamed them “Elvis” and declared them her favorite.

Hogan’s business plan includes partnering with stars to create their own transparent designs. To date, Rikki Rocket and Broadway star Haley Swindal, and Skid Row bassist and founder Rachel Bolan have all jumped in.

Each of the transparent sunglass designs is named for a friend, a star or a famous person. Swindal’s love for New York and theater run deep, so she wanted to design frames that celebrate the spirit of Broadway and the inspiration of Dorothy’s ruby red slippers in Wizard of Oz. The RUBY shades launched on the Broadway standout’s birthday.

The transparent collection is available here and Hogan’s entertaining Instagram posts are not to be missed.

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