Here’s how love & adulation from fans motivate TV actors to perform better

The way fans adore their favourite celebrity, celebrities too cannot live without their fans. Such is the relation between celebrities and fans. It is the audience that makes an actor a star. Read on to find what do fans mean to some of our favourite stars:

Motivating factor

Sharad Malhotra

Fan-love always gives an actor a high. When fans love you unconditionally, you’re motivated to perform better and it’s the audience who makes an actor a star. Naagin 5 added to my popularity. I got fans from all over the world.

Vivian Dsena

Divine blessing

Vivian Dsena

Fans’ love makes all the difference! I work for myself as acting is my passion, and I love my fans. They love and believe in me even though I rarely communicate with them. My fans are like my army and the biggest blessing from God.

Khatija Iqbal

Driving force

Khatija Iqbal

Adulation drives me to do better. Whenever I perform in front of the camera, I’m never satisfied. I yearn to do better each time. Primarily, adulation drives me to do better. Fans’ acknowledgement does matter.

Farnaz Shetty

Reality check Farnaz Shetty

Learning is a never ending process for me. I am always on the path of making myself better than yesterday. Fans’ feedback surely matters and I love to better myself. I don’t get obsessed with praises.

Piew Jana

Woo them with work

Piew Jana

There is always a scope for improvement in our profession. As a thorough professional, I always strive to give my 100 per cent. I don’t have to do anything out of the box to garner fan support. Good acting will always attract an audience who understand the art. It’s always a good feeling when fans admire your work.

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