Here are 5 celebrities enjoying the farm life amid the pandemic

Amid the pandemic, it seems everybody developed a new dream: To lead a farm life. Fresh air, cool breeze, wide open spaces — what’s not to like? 

While there are celebrities who moved to the beach, there are those who were in on the dream and in Wednesday’s “Unang Hirit” episode, some of them gave a sneak peek of their provincial properties, away from the hustle and bustle of the big bad city.

1. Ysabel Ortega

At a young age, Ysabel is slowly getting the hang of being a hands-on owner of their lemon and chicken farm in La Union.

2. Alice Dixson

Alice grew up in their farm in Quezon, and to this day — despite having her own beach house in Boracay — the “Legal Wives” star continues to make efforts to improve it.

According to the actress, the place is full of coconut trees and features a breathtaking overlooking view from a hill.

3. Gary Estrada and Bernadette Allyson

Couple Gary Estrada and Bernadette Allyson continue to take good care of their farm in Quezon together with their children. Aside from their “field of dreams,” their modern day Bahay Kubo is also an eye-catcher.

Currently, they are preparing their land for corn.

4. Kuh Ledesma

Though the singer has transformed their santol orchard in Cavite into an events place and resort, their property still gives off that relaxing farm vibe.

Named after Kuh’s daughter, Hacienda Isabella continues to wow many with its amenities and picturesque view – with santol!

5. Nadine Samonte

Nadine Samonte and her family are having the time of their lives at their Zambales farm, owned by mother-in-law Isabel Rivas.

According to Nadine, the place is rich with fruits, vegetables and even fish from their fish pond.

— Franchesca Viernes/LA, GMA News

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