Harry Styles Romance with Olivia Wilde: “They Have a Great Time” | Celebrities


Harry Styles “has a great time” with Olivia Wilde.

The 27-year-old singer and actor has been romance for months with the director of “Booksmart,” with his son Otis (6), daughter Daisy (4), and separated husband Jason Sudeikis. According to sources, the couple “have come even closer since rumors of their romance began to swirl earlier this year.

The insider told Entertainment Tonight:[They are] I’m having a great time. [They have] Take a walk outside the park without hiding the relationship between the two [and have] I became even closer as a couple.

“Yesterday, they enjoyed lunch outside and looked very cute. They were in a good mood, holding hands and leaving the restaurant. Harry crossed his arms to Olivia and came home. . “

Harry and Olivia, 37, enjoyed a vacation together in the UK after working together in the upcoming movie Don’t Wally Darling.

The two attended a wedding in January this year, were witnessed holding hands, and were reportedly dating.

One source once said, “Shooting during a pandemic in Los Angeles took a lot of time. Now they can really relax, relax and enjoy a one-on-one time. Their idea of ​​having a good time was to walk or crouch in a nearby pub for a long time. “

The second insider said, “Harry and Olivia had an inseparable relationship. Of course, they were in the bubble for the movie, but it’s still a few days after the movie ended. , They are spending time together. “

Meanwhile, it was previously claimed that the chemical reaction between the pairs was clear when “Don’t Wally Darling” began filming in September 2020.

“As they spent time together onset and offset, their friendship quickly became romantic. Their chemistry was very obvious. Everyone was watching it. During the break he couldn’t leave and visited her trailer.

“Olivia and Harry created this loving and warm environment. Everyone loved to work together. She took her job very seriously, but everyone took it. I had foreseen. “

Harry Styles Romance with Olivia Wilde: “They Have a Great Time” | Celebrities

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