Happy New Year: Celebrities share their hopes for 2021


2020 has been a tough snooze-fest for all, but interestingly enough, 2021 has kicked off on a weekend so, we hope it will be less dramatic, easy on the nerves and more welcoming. It is quite an odd time to ask someone about their New Year resolution as now the world is looking at life from a different perspective. Hence, stepping into 2021, we thought it is better to talk about aspirations.

Something Haute spoke to a few celebrities to find out what kept them occupied in the last year, how they dealt with the on-going pandemic and now that we have stepped into a New Year, what are their expectations and hopes for the next 365 days.

Take a look at what some of our celebrities learnt from the past year and what they are hoping for in 2021:

Madiha Imam

Madiha Imam was part of hit TV series Ek Jhoothi Love Story as well as the much controversial Muqaddar.

“I have learnt to appreciate little blessings in life and also how wonderful us being different is. Still learning to appreciate people and their difference in opinions, and loving them regardless.”

Ahsan Khan

Ahsan Khan gave us a lot of content to enjoy in 2020 and there is much more to look forward to in the New Year.

“I have learnt that we need constant reminders as humans; we know a lot about what is the right behavior or right thing to do, but we generally get carried away and stuck in our lifestyle and work, so we always forget. 2020 was like a refresher course for us to realize that don’t take anything for granted in life. Life is too unpredictable and short and you cannot live forever so, enjoy small moments, cherish little things, believe in yourself, stay strong, stay together,” Ahsan said.

“Family bonding was the priority this year but more than that it was strengthening our bond with human race. I remember when the pandemic started, everyone was worried yet very helpful. The survived together as a nation, as Pakistanis and as humans globally. I believe that Earth is like a single body and when any part of your body is suffering, you’ll feel uncomfortable. We need to create balance and harmony in our lives; we have learnt that material life doesn’t matter.”

“2020 was a good year for me’ I was one of the fortunate or privileged ones because Alif aired in the beginning then I was doing Bol Nights then Bandhay Ek Dor Se was aired. I was also shooting for my film, Chakkar then I started shooting in November for my upcoming drama serial, Qayamat. So things have not been bad for me but it was a stressful time,” he concluded.

Sarwat Gilani

2020 will always be remembered as an year that gave us Pakistan’s first power-packed digital show, Churails, and we can’t forget Sarwat Gilani’s contribution in it.

“We learnt that creating content for kids and mothers through our virtual art classes was very helpful during a very dull pandemic for both children and their parents. We hope that we have learnt how to be grateful for all the blessings.”

Imran Ashraf

Imran Ashraf

Our beloved Bhola who has given us a masterpiece like Mushk in 2020 and that will continue to entertain us in 2021 as well has few words to say as well.

“What I have learnt from 2020 is that the Almighty Allah decides what is best for you; all plans, decisions, trials and tribulations, and rewards are on His command and everything for the next year is in His hands as well Insha Allah. I’m stepping into 2021 with the same belief.”

Yasra Rizvi

Another one of our favourite Churails is Yasra Rizvi, who is recently in the news for a controversy surrounding her role in Dunk, has garnered much acclaim for her work in 2020.

“I hope the collective realization about taking a moment to stop running like headless chickens to think and reflect continues in 2021 as it is the most important take away from 2020,” she emphasized.

Many other celebrities took to social media at the dawn of a New Year and shared their thoughts.


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