Grammys 2021: 10 Celebrities Who Slayed The Red Carpet (& Their Matching Instagram Post)

The 2021 Grammys are over and along with the awards and performances, everyone is talking about the incredible looks of the stars on the red carpet.

The 2021 Grammys were underway on March 14th, and the evening was full of entertaining performances and exciting awards. Of course, everyone can’t help but also look forward to the dashing and awe-inspiring red carpet looks that their favorite artists light up the evening with. COVID-19 award shows may be a bit different, but that doesn’t stop these celebs from looking stunning.

It’s time to dive back to some of the best looks of the night and celebrate along with fan-favorite singers and artists on their very own Instagram. Everyone should head on over and hit that like button for these totally beautiful and memorable red carpet outfits.

10 Billie Eilish

Billie Eilish has been absolutely slaying the music industry for the past few years. At the 2021 Grammys, she even took home the prestigious Record of the Year for “Everything I Wanted” – which fans couldn’t stop listening to. Not only is her voice totally haunting, but her look is unlike any other.

She didn’t disappoint at this red carpet, just like she never does, and came out swinging with a totally unique – and totally Billie Eilish – look. Fans were definitely talking about it all night.

9 H.E.R.

This artist had a whopping five nominations and even left the night with two Grammys to show for her undeniable talent. This unique and stunning singer was also blowing everyone away on the red carpet.

With a beautiful gown that stuck out among the rest, fans were also literally applauding her matching sunglasses. She’s bold, beautiful, and ridiculously talented, and H.E.R. definitely left a mark on the 63rd Grammy Awards.

8 Bad Bunny

Bad Bunny was one of the many men to grace the red carpet with a super handsome and elegant look. Bad Bunny also took home the Grammy for best Latin Pop Album, and scored another nomination for the evening, too.

This artist also definitely had one of the most unique and ‘out-there’ looks of the night. With a solid black suit and jacket, he also came prepared with a matching hat with ears, and of course, a sunflower.

7 Dua Lipa

It was absolutely impossible not to fall in love with Dua Lipa’s outside as it slayed the red carpet. Her stunning and sparkly gown stole everyone’s gaze, and she crushed her performance, too.

It was only necessary for Versace’s Instagram to give a shout-out to their gorgeous model. Dua Lipa is definitely one unforgettable appearance from the night. Plus, she also scored six nominations and took home one Grammy for Best Pop Vocal Album.

6 Chloe Bailey

Chloe Bailey is one half of Chloe X Halle, and both of these gorgeous and talented gals deserve a shout-out for their stunning gowns. Of course, they also deserve applause for their incredible artistic talent. They walked away without a Grammy, but that doesn’t mean they didn’t steal the night.

Regardless of how they did on award night, fans stuck by them to celebrate their talent. Plus, this duo made a huge splash in their sparkling and beautiful outfits. There’s a lot more to come from them.

5 Noah Cyrus

Nominated for Best New Artist, Noah Cyrus was keen on stealing the spotlight from any and all other nominees. She certainly did just that! She probably had the biggest and most eye-catching gown, and definitely looked like an angel in this dress.

She didn’t walk away with any wins, but no one will forget her talent this year – or this absolutely stunning and elegant gown. There was nothing like it, just like there is no one like Noah Cyrus. Plus, she certainly made her sister (and fellow musical queen) proud.

4 DaBaby

This rap legend scored four nominations for the night, and while he didn’t come out with any wins, he did give a stellar performance that fans couldn’t stop talking about. Plus, he absolutely slayed the red carpet – with his whole family in tow.

In a completely colorful and popping suit, DaBaby definitely won over fans on the red carpet – at the very least. His appearance was wholesome and completely memorable, and everyone who watched is still talking about it.

3 Maren Morris

Maren Morris has one of the most beautiful voices out there today, and that certainly lined up with her from showing up with one of the most beautiful gowns. She had one nomination for the country song category and dazzled everyone with her appearance.

Not only has she already left her mark on the music world, but she absolutely slayed the red carpet right before she went off to feed her son. Her shout-out to this wholesome moment on her Instagram has every fan in awe of her.

2 Tiara Thomas

Tiara Thomas had everyone on their feet for her when she won for Best Song of the Year, with her track “I Can’t Breathe.” Her excitement was totally wholesome, and she was more than deserving of this prestigious award.

In a stunning black gown with all the tulle and mesh-bodice that anyone could dream of, Tiara Thomas certainly left the red carpet leaving everyone in awe. She was one queen of the night that’s impossible to forget.

1 Taylor Swift

There really can’t be any red carpet list that doesn’t include the pop legend and icon herself: Taylor Swift. She scored a whopping six nominations, and came out the winner for Best Album, for “Folklore,” which swept every Swiftie off their feet.

Taylor Swift also performed for the first time in five years, dazzling fans with a medley of her two newest albums. Of course, besides her talent, Taylor Swift was an absolute diamond on the red carpet. She was truly blossoming in this floral gown.

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