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There are a lot of advantages living in the countryside and celebrities are no exception when it comes to loving the life outside the city. Some celebrities thrive in the city however a lot of them also enjoy the countryside. Just like any other people who have been living in the city for so long, celebrities feel the need to take a break from the busy life of city and finally settle down in a fresher and lesser pollution place.

The people who have been living outside the city can get familiar with the agricultural life since farmland is more abundant in the countryside. A lot of these celebrities often raise a vast array of animals which can be soothing and relaxing at times. Take a look at these celebrities who chose to live and enjoy the life in the countryside.


10 Russell Crowe

Actor, director, and singer Russell Crowe has been living on his farm in New South Wales, Australia. Sadly his farm was among the land area which was hit by bush fires in late 2019. He has shared some damage on his property and also shares the recovery of the property after a heavy rainfall took place. He has been in love with living outside the city and does not plan on returning to the busy life in the city anytime soon.

9 Kelvin Fletcher

English actor, model, racing driver and presenter Kelvin Fletcher is among the celebrities who chose to live and stay at the countryside. The former Emmerdale actor and his wife Liz Marsland bought a 120 acre land in the Peak District in 2021. They have been documenting their new life outside the city and even had a show surrounding their life there in the BBC’s show Kelvin’s Big Farming Adventure. The couple has a growing family of vast array of animals including pigs, sheep and some alpacas. They have been balancing their farm and family life since the two have two children, daughter Marnie aged five and son Milo aged three.

8 Jamie Dornan

Actor, model, and musician Jamie Dornan is among the celebrities who have been living outside the city. He has been living on the secluded mansion located in the charming village of Chalford which is near the Stroud. The Irish actor who became has widely popular and successful acting career ever since he starred as Christian Grey in the film adaptation of the book Fifty Shades of Grey. When he is not busy filming, he spends most of his time on the countryside.

7 Dom Joly

English comedian and writer who got famous with the hidden camera program titled Trigger Happy TV Dom Jolly has been living near the Cheltenham with his wife Stacey and their children for the past ten years now. The comedian got famous for his hilarious pranks and antics to the suspecting passers-by in his program. He has been writing a lot of columns and travel features for a lot of different publications including the Cotswold Life magazine.

6 Chris Pratt

Chris Pratt reportedly lives on San Juan Island in Washington when he is not busy filming movies. He has been living there with his wife Katherine Schwarzenegger for years now. The actor admitted that he really enjoys spending some time outside the city and spending some time with the sheep, chickens and some other livestock. The American actor comedian finds it as a relaxing escape from the busy life in Hollywood.

5 Matt Baker

British television presenter Matt Baker has been living in the Hertfordshire with his wife and their two children for years now. The famous presenter has been juggling his life on TV while having a good life on the countryside working as a farmer and caring for a vast array of animals which includes some donkeys, dogs, chicken and sheep. He added that he loves his rural lifestyle a lot and even tries to go back as soon as possible right after working.

4 Amanda Seyfried

American actress Amanda Seyfried has been living in the upstate New York with her husband Thomas Sadoski and their daughter for years now. She has confessed in one of her interviews that she loves living outside the city as she does feel any pressure when she is there. She added that she is lucky enough to have a property just outside New York where she can house tons of animals such as horses and goats. She also wanted to add some alpacas as well.

3 Richard Hammond

English journalist, television presenter, mechanic, and writer Richard Hammond has been living on the Gloucestershire border near the Ledbury. He has been living there with his wife Mindy and their two daughters named Izzy and Willow. He is best known for as one of the presenters on BBC’s Talk Show Top Gear. After the exit of Jeremy Clarkson from the show, both Richard and James May joined him to host the Amazon Prime’s The Grand Tour.

2 Martha Stewart

American retail businesswoman, writer, and television personality Martha Stewart has been living on her property in Katonah, New York for a few years now. The property of Steward is known as the Cantitoe Corners which was once called the Sycamore Farms. She has purchased the monochromatic 1925 estate in 2000 and has turned the property into a horse farm that has both of historic and modern buildings. The celebrity chef often shows off some of her fascinating homegrown produce through her social media feeds.

1 Jilly Cooper

English author and journalist Jilly Cooper has been living on Bisley near Stroud for years. The author is best known for her best-selling chick-lit romance books alongside her stint as a journalist. Her latest novel titled Mount! can be described flirty with some ruthless world of flat racing which is a hit among the readers.

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