From Pink To Reese Witherspoon, ‘Framing Britney Spears’ Continues to Impact Female Celebrities


The documentary about the hardships Spears faced at the hands of the media when she was young struck a chord with many other female stars of the era.

The eye-opening Framing Britney Spears documentary released in February of this year depicted the controversy surrounding Britney Spears’ conservatorship, and garnered strong reactions from both fans and celebrities.

Even now, nearly four months later, celebrities are still talking about how the documentary impacted them. Recently, Pink, Mischa Barton and Reese Witherspoon spoke out about Spears, and the media’s mistreatment of both her and themselves.

Pink appeared on Watch What Happens Live on May 20th, and shared that she has regrets regarding her relationship with Spears.

“I’m a strong person, I could’ve reached out more. I don’t like feeling helpless or powerless and I can only imagine how she feels. She could’ve used some support and the media tore her apart,” she said. “The paparazzi are scum. I wish I could’ve reached out and gave her a hug.”

On Watch What Happens Live, Pink said she wished she did more to help Britney Spears back in the early aughts: “I wish I could have reached out and gave her a hug.”

— VANITY FAIR (@VanityFair) May 21, 2021

Pink also spoke highly of Spears’ character, stating, “She’s a sweetheart. She’s incredibly sweet. All I know is she’s incredibly sweet and I want her to be happy.”

Pink famously referenced Britney Spears in her 2002 song, “Don’t Let Me Get Me,” in which she sang, “Tired of being compared to damn Britney Spears. She’s so pretty, that just ain’t me.” The lyric stood out because Pink it was a pretty explicit dig at how the music industry and paparazzi constantly make rude and unnecessary comparisons between celebrities, and have an unhealthy focus on body image.

Mischa Barton, star of teen drama The O.C., also told E! News, “I felt all the feels when I watched the Britney doc because I was there at those clubs and those parties and down the street when all of that was happening. I remember thinking, ‘Jesus, this poor girl,’ and her getting sucked into the wrong people pretending to want to be her friend—that happened to me too. A lot of that weirdness.”

Barton and Spears’ lives have indeed followed a similar path, as Barton also rose to fame at a young age, was constantly surrounded by paparazzi, and was hospitalized for a mental breakdown in 2009.

In an interview with Time Magazine, actress Reese Witherspoon spoke about the differences in the way the media portrayed and labeled her versus Spears; Witherspoon was always known for her ‘good girl image,’ while Spears was labeled as a ‘bad girl.’

Witherspoon reflected on how her screaming back in retaliation at all the cameras following her never really affected her reputation. She asked, “What if the media had decided I was something else? I would be in a totally different position. I want to say it’s my decisions or the career choices I made, but it felt very arbitrary.”

Spears has received a lot of support from other fans and celebrities as well, including Miley Cyrus and Paris Hilton.

Spears’ conservatorship case is still ongoing, and she is set to appear before the judge on June 23rd to ask that her father, Jamie Spears, be removed as her conservator.

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