Fans and celebrities react to the official return of María Celeste to television, behind Al Rojo Vivo


It is a fact María Celeste is back on television and nothing more and nothing less than with the CNN chain. Gone is Al Rojo Vivo in the life of its creator and host for Telemundo. “With great pride and enthusiasm, I first say to you that I join the CNN en Español network. So now my potential audience grows to 50 million viewers across the world.Arrarás said on Instagram.

The writer of “El Secreto de Selena” will lead the new block of documentaries and investigation of the chain of said television, this will be: CNN Docufilms with María Celeste Arrarás.

Before the news, the comments of fans and celebrities who are happy to know it back on the screen were not long in coming. Héctor Sandarti, Rodner Figueroa, Ilia Calderon, Maite Delgado, Jorge Bernal, Carolina Sandoval, María Elena Salinas, Ximena Duque Javier Ceriani, Azucena Cierco and Jessica Carillo, among others, have made use of Instagram to celebrate the good news.

Jessica Carrillo, Azucena Cierco and Rodner Figueroa, who are currently in Al Rojo Vivo, have left her these messages: “Congratulations Mari !!!”, said Figueroa, while Carillo: “You are made for that @mariacelestearra, congratulations!” . Azucena for her part left her a “Congratulations, Dear Mary.”

Rashel Díaz and Héctor Sandarti, Former hosts of the defunct “Un Nuevo Día”, a Telemundo program from which they were taken from one day to the next, could not remain silent and these were their words: “@mariacelestearraras I will love to see you once more on the screen,” Rashel wrote, while that the Guatemalan has told her: “Congratulations, dear.”

Carolina sandoval He was not left behind either and has expressed the joy he feels for the news: “Bravo the mere @mariacelestearraras #vamospormas.” Jorge Bernal, Former partner of “la Venenosa” in Suelta La Sopa and a friend of María Celeste has written: “that !!! the MC train does not stop anything! ”.

Ana Maria Polo He also did not want to be left out of the congratulations and expressed: “Congratulations Mary! What good news. Successes in your new program ”.

Her fans, on the other hand, are not satisfied with happiness and assure that they yearn to see her on said channel, where, as she explains well, she will have an audience of more than 50 million viewers.

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