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The Internet is already starting to make some comparisons that Ezra Miller is not going to appreciate, their behavior is beginning to resemble to that of Charles Manson when he was young. We are obviously talking about the master mind behind the Tate-LaBianca murders: Charles Manson. This tragedy from 1969 was just a culmination of many years in which Manson groomed a number of young men and women to do his bidding.

He provided them with several psychoactive drugs that included cannabis and LSD in a more prominent fashion. Manson had ideas of grandeur and a dream of creating a revolution that ended in the ruthless murder of Sharon Tate when she was still pregnant with director Roman Polansky’s child.

Although Manson wasn’t physically involved in the murders, he was the man behind the whole plan and he was eventually convicted of the crimes. Manson had an intoxicating personality that made women fall in love with his ideas and men follow him almost blindly. The recent information about Ezra Miller’s behavior with the young Tokata Iron Eyes is very reminiscent to the cult-like personality Charles Manson had when he was younger.

We are not saying Ezra will ever commit any of these types of crimes but they are certainly playing with fire amid the signs that are currently on display. If they aren’t stopped in due time and get professional help, Ezra Miller is in danger of making even greater mistakes than the ones they already made.

The latest drama can get Ezra Miller black listed in Hollywood.

If studios such as Warner Brothers decided to hear Ezra Miller’s side of the story from the Hawaii arrests. Surely these accusations will prompt them to act far more swiftly than they have so far. If these accusations are true in any shape or form and they are proved by the authorities, Ezra Miller should never be welcomed in Hollywood ever again.

Before any major studio considers this, the actor needs to seek professional help and have the intention to change his patterns of behavior. The reason many Internet users are starting to feel this behavior is Charles Manson-like has a reason behind it. Even if the girl’s parents are not telling the whole truth, this behavior from Miller is alarming at the least. The writing is on the wall.

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