Emmy Rossum’s Baby Has COVID Antibodies | Celebrities

Emmy Rossum’s baby daughter was born with the COVID-19 antibody.

The “shameless” star decided to get a deadly virus vaccination while she was pregnant with the little girl Samantha.

Emmy uses her Instagram account to upload her daughter’s photo on her camera and writes: “When I got pregnant, I was vaccinated. Not only did I have a healthy and beautiful baby girl, but now my daughter has learned. I have antibodies.

“In short, stop being an irresponsible idiot and get the vaccine.”

The 34-year-old actress announced that she gave birth to her first child two months ago via a social networking site.

She writes: “5.24. At 8:13 am on a sunny Monday morning, we welcomed our daughter to the world.”

Emmy’s husband, Sam Esmail, echoed her post on her Instagram page, with fans commenting: Tested. (Sic) “

Emmy replied: “Simple heel blood draw at the doctor.”

The beauty of the brunette made a famous headline when she asked for payments similar to her “shameless” co-star William H. Macy, so it’s no stranger to provoke controversy.

“It was difficult to say,’This is what I deserve,’” she said at the time. You want to like …

“It wasn’t published for a long time when it was happening, and when it was finally published, it surprised me a bit.

“But it was happening, so it was William H. Macy who supported me the most.” At my show, he said to his male opponent, “Yes, she deserves this and more.” It was very reasonable to do something like this. .. And after it was published, it was a quick solution. “

Emmy Rossum’s Baby Has COVID Antibodies | Celebrities

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