Emily Ratajkowski blames online vandalism: “I need to do better” | Celebrities


Emily Ratajkowski ran into an online troll telling her she was “the mother of s **** y”.

The 30-year-old actress welcomed her son Sylvester to the world in March, making “terrible remarks” in Instagram comments and blaming those who have criticized parenting for the past four months.

Emily compared her situation with Britney Spears. Britney Spears was criticized in the media for her child-rearing skills when she became a mother in her twenties, urging people to “do better.”

She wrote in the Instagram story: “We are all embarrassed by Britney and call her a bad mom when she drives her baby on her lap. We talk about how culture needs to be” better “.

“In the meantime, my comments are full of terrible remarks about how I don’t deserve to be a mom. Everyone is embarrassed.

“I don’t care if you hate me, hate celebrities (or just hate women), but it’s incredibly scary to be a parent.”

Emily welcomed her son with her husband Sebastian Bear McClard. Recently, she has been criticized online by people who opposed the way she had her luggage on vacation.

Cosmetologists, meanwhile, recently said they “did not really understand” what it was like to have a family before they became pregnant, and claimed that expecting a baby felt “really lucky.”

She states: “What it means to have a family, raising a family is a wonderful and spectacular experience and I feel really lucky. Of course, I don’t know what my motherhood will be. This is me. For the first time in, everyone has such different experiences and perspectives, so the best thing is to trust the process and go once a day to see where this vehicle takes me Is to do. “

Emily Ratajkowski blames online vandalism: “I need to do better” | Celebrities

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