Ely Boaz About Collaboration With Celebrities Like Tyga!

The world of advertising and marketing has undergone a dramatic shift over time. It offers lucrative growth opportunities for everyone to succeed but only a few manage to show courageous efforts through strong grit & determination.

Ely Boaz is one such name who is known for implementing tailored & branded advertising solutions in the digital world. At 25, he is the founder and CEO of two advertising companies, Celebrito (in Israel) and Socialgiveaways (in the US).

Ely Boaz has established himself as a successful social media influencer and he has collaborated with many celebrities like Tyga. The other celebrities with whom he has collaborated are Sommer Ray, Lil Pump, Yung Miami, Kway, and Mulatto.

Ely Boaz has admitted that he had never thought of collaborating with celebrities in his life. But it was his strong commitment, work ethic, and hard work that paved the way for his success. During the pandemic, he came with an idea to establish an advertising agency, Celebrito in Israel.

Ely Boaz utilized all his knowledge about Instagram to successfully use this platform for running advertising solutions for his clients. He also runs another advertising agency, Socialgiveaways in the US where he collaborates with celebrities to run giveaways.

Through this process, Ely Boaz helps emerging celebrities and his clients gain followers on Instagram to build their strong brands. Ely Boaz makes use of his many years of experience to run a customized advertising campaign for helping his customers see positive results in just a few days.

Ely Boaz has introduced his new Instagram page to give exposure to his clients by building their brands online. Visit his Instagram profile and the pages of his agencies namely, Celebrito & Socialgiveaways.

Social Media Profiles

Ely Boaz https://www.instagram.com/elyboaz/?igshid=9dyga8uh7r1p

Social Giveaways https://www.instagram.com/socialgiveaways_agency/?igshid=u13pozs3kou9

Celebrito https://www.instagram.com/celebrito_il/

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