Don Cheadle calls out ‘phony’ celebrities in satirical Super Bowl ad


Michelob ULTRA

Don Cheadle is calling out the phonies in a new Super Bowl ad.

Michelob ULTRA’s game day spot for its organic seltzer starts off like many commercials these days: a serious voice-over (from Christopher Walken, it seems in this case), cheesy explosions, and cameos from celebs. In a matter of seconds, we see Serena Williams, Usher, Lucy Liu, Sylvester Stallone, Maluma, and Megan Fox make appearances to promote the product.

Or do we?

There’s something off about these A-list stars’ appearances, and it becomes clear when we spot the real Don Cheadle.

“But in a world where most things seem real,” the Avengers star says, jumping off a helicopter onto a yacht. “Sometimes they’re not.”

He confronts his doppelgänger — played by his real-life brother Colin — who’s dressed exactly like him, reading scripts on the ship.

“Don Cheadle!” the doppelgänger exclaims

The actor replies, “Man, get off my boat.”

Behind a pair of binoculars, Cheadle then exposes the “famous” faces we’ve just seen, like Fox’s uncanny twin, whom he calls a “phony.”

And if you were wondering, the real stars were in on the joke, promoting versions of themselves in the commercial to confuse fans before it ran.

Although more than a few companies opted not to roll out Super Bowl commercials this year, others kept up with tradition, including the celebrity cameos. “Drake from State Farm” featured the rapper in addition to Paul Rudd and Patrick Mahomes, while T-Mobile’s hilarious commercial explained how Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton really got together.

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