Does Noah Centineo Have Tattoos?

Actors are used to being in the spotlight, both in and out of character. With that being said, through interviews and social media, their beloved fans are often able to get to know them on a more personal level. Exercise routines, skincare habits, recipes, and makeup tricks are just a few ways celebrities have been known to share some of their personal lives with the public. Celebrities’ tattoos also fall into this category. Miley Cyrus and Sarah Hyland are two celebrities who have always been known to be very open and expressive with their skin art. As new talent continues to join the scene, audiences definitely seem to enjoy the opportunity to get to know someone new, and one of them is Noah Centineo. Take a look back at Centineo‘s path to stardom, and find out if he has any tattoos. 

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Noah Centineo’s early beginnings 

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According to IMDb, in 1996 Centineo was born in Miami, Florida. His parents, Kellee and Gregory Centineo, raised him and his older sister in Boynton Beach. From a young age, Centineo was exposed to the arts, and he made his acting debut at just 13-years-old. In 2009 Centineo was cast as Josh Peters in The Gold Retrievers. As many young actors do, Centineo began appearing in Disney Channel’s productions. In 2014 Centineo played Jaden Stark in How to Build a Better Boy. Shortly after the ambitious actor was cast in Growing Up and Down

Noah Centineo’s journey to fame 

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It would be Centineo’s role and performances on The Fosters that seemed to help the star gain even more momentum and fame. Just a few years later in 2017 Centineo’s performance led to a nomination for a Teen Choice Award. It was all of Centineo’s dedication and hard work that led him to land the role of Peter Kavinsky in Netflix’s To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before. His Netflix appearance and performance have led to Centineo securing even more highly-coveted and anticipated roles. Since he has taken the character of Peter Kavinsky, Centineo has also appeared in Sierra Burgess Is a Loser, Swiped, and The Perfect Date.

As Centineo’s name and fame continued to rise he began to appear in more and more interviews. His fans and followers were thrilled to see the star featured on an episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live in 2019. Centineo’s trademark sockless look, his adorable childhood portrait, and the struggles of showering with an injury were just a few things Kimmel and Centineo discussed. However, many people were particularly interested in what the actor had to say when it came to tattoos. 

Does Noah Centineo have tattoos?

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During Kimmel’s interview with Centineo the star revealed that he was waiting until he landed a role in a movie production to forge ahead with any tattoo plans. The popular actor explained, “I promised myself I was going to wait until I had a film go into theaters to buzz my head, or to get a tattoo.” PopSugar‘s recount of the bizarre yet honest exchange says it all. However, quite some time has passed since Centineo’s odd revelation, and many of his fans might be wanting a bit of a status update.

Centineo has made the public and his fans very aware of what needs to happen before he gets a tattoo. With that being said, many people are wondering if his cameo appearance as Langston in Charlie’s Angels met Centineo’s requirements. Since the actor has not yet shared any tattoos with the public, his fans and followers are left to assume he is holding out for the real deal. However, if he hasn’t already, it is likely only a matter of time until Centineo does the deed.

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