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Demi Lovato feels “the sexiest” when in the tub.

The “confident” hitmakers have opened up about the singers’ acceptance of the body and what they feel is “vulnerable”, so they are most when they are “naked” and “in the purest form”. Admit that you love yourself.

Writing on Instagram, they shared: “I feel no makeup, no extensions, no eyelashes … naked and the sexiest in the tub.

“I’m only in the purest form. I don’t always feel comfortable on my skin and body, so at this moment when I’m in the weakest position, I’m grateful that I feel beautiful and accept it as it is. doing.”

Demi recently came out as non-binary, but a 28-year-old singer told fans that it’s okay for people to mistakenly misunderstand them because they do it from time to time.

They wrote on Instagram: As long as I’m trying to respect my truth and remember my truth, the shift will come naturally. Thank you for your efforts to remember what makes so much sense to my healing process. “

Demi knows that changes can be “confusing” for some.

They explained: “I felt that changing pronouns was confusing for some people and often difficult for others to remember, so I felt I needed to post this. It’s all your intention. You It’s important to try, but it’s okay if you make a mistake. Remember that I love you, and continue with #nonbinaryawarenessweek. “

The singer also praised his family for doing “incredible work” in adapting to changes in pronouns.

Demi Lovato feels sexiest when naked | Celebrities

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