Check Out The Strange Décor Inside These Celebrities‘ Homes

One way that celebrities showcase their personal style is by how they decorate their gorgeous homes. Whether it’s hanging million-dollar artwork or like Kim Kardashian, keeping it as minimal as possible, every celeb puts their own spin when it comes to decorating the interior of their homes.

However, several celebs have some of the strangest decor in their homes. From the bizarre items hanging on the walls of Dr. Phil’s home to JoJo Siwa’s insane candy-inspired bedroom, and a star who has an immense replica of Grand Central Station, these celebrities and more wanted to make their homes as unique as possible.

10 Gigi Hadid’s Pasta Drawers

gigi hadid pasta drawers

Model Gigi Hadid’s New York City apartment features bright, bold colors which can be seen throughout her home, and especially in her kitchen. The 25-year-old star’s kitchen features glass drawers displaying a rainbow of artificially colored pasta, according to People.

Artist Linda Miller Nicholson, who is known as an internationally-recognized pasta powerhouse, is responsible for the design, and she has also worked with stars like Katy Perry and Matthew McConaughey.

9 Bella Thorne’s Rainbow Staircase

bella thorne staircase

Actress Bella Thorne is selling her Sherman Oaks, California home, but a look inside, and fans will see that it is covered in rainbow colors, including her staircase. The area also features a floor-to-ceiling mural with what looks like a portrait of the former Disney star and her record label Filthy Fangs, according to People.

8 Kendall Jenner’s Wall Sculpture

kendall jenner wall hanging

Kendall Jenner’s home was featured in Architectural Digest’s September 2020 issue with the cover featuring her $750,000 James Turrell wall sculpture that she often posts photos of on her social media.

According to Artnet News, the glowing James Turrell piece, called Scorpius, Medium Elliptical Glass, is located in the entryway of her Mediterranean-inspired home. “I wanted this piece to be the focal point of the house, and I’m so hyped to have it here,” the model shared.

7 JoJo Siwa’s Candy Bed

jojo siwa bedroom

YouTube star JoJo Siwa was inspired by Willy Wonka when she decided to decorate her bedroom with 4,000 pounds of candy, according to Today. The star gave a room tour where she called it “Sweetland” and featured a vanity filled with sprinkles and a headboard made of candy dispensers. Her bed also features pillows of famous chocolate candy and her own face.

6 Zachary Quinto’s Powder Room Covered With Celeb Icons

Zachary quinto's home

Actor Zachary Qunito’s home is filled with unique decor items, including a small dish that he stated was “Tennesee Williams’ coke dish” and more than 50 crystals.

The star lives in his New York City loft with his partner Miles McMillan, who shared that the home’s powder room features photos of celebrity icons so when people come over to use the bathroom, “Picasso is staring at you.”

5 Jason Derulo’s Seven Bars

jason derulo home

The star even has his very own bar set up in his master bathroom, telling People, “Wherever you are, you should be able to have what you want and what you need,” adding, “It would suck to come all the way downstairs if I wanted a mojito.”

4 Jackie Siegel’s Versailles-Inspired Mansion

Jackie Siegel's Versailles

American socialite and beauty pageant director Jackie Siegel wanted her very own Versailles and constructed an over-the-top version in Windermere, Florida, according to CheatSheet.

The home looks exactly like Versailles, with its extravagant gold touches, and includes a whopping 14 bedrooms, 11 kitchens, 32 bathrooms, and a two-story movie theatre.

3 Rod Stewart’s Replica Of Grand Central Station

Rod Stewart's Replica Of Grand Central Station

According to All That’s Interesting, rockstar Rod Stewart spent 23 years building his 1,500 square foot model train world that is a replica of post-war Chicago and New York railway systems.

The replica features five-foot skyscrapers, locomotives, a river, a ship, and even tiny passengers. “I would say 90 percent of it I built myself. The only thing I wasn’t very good at and still am not is the electricals, so I had someone else do that,” he shared.

2 Eddie Murphy’s Piano

eddie murphys piano

Actor Eddie Murphy once owned a Schimmel Pegasus piano, which features a unique design created by German industrial designer Luigi Colani, known for designing cars for companies like Fiat, BMW, and Volkswagen.

There are only 14 of these pianos ever made and Murphy, along with celebrities like Prince and Lenny Kravitz have also acquired one for their homes.

1 Dr. Phil’s Wall Hangings

dr phil's home

Fans can’t believe that Dr. Phil once lived in this bizarre Los Angeles home that featured cartoonish sculptures, bizarre color schemes, and an “anti-gun art installation” which features several firearms mounted on the wall in the dining room.

According to InsideHook, the firearms are not for use, and no one is quite sure if it was Dr. Phil who had the idea for the installation. However, it is quite an exquisite home that looks nothing like something this famous doctor would purchase.

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