Celebrity IOU’: Rainn Wilson Brings out His Dwight Schrute to Demo With Drew and Jonathan …

On Monday’s all-new episode of Celebrity IOU, actor Rainn Wilson is going all out in a renovation honoring his son’s former nanny by bringing his beloved character, Dwight Schrute from The Office to life. In the episode airing on Jan. 4 at 9 p.m. ET on HGTV, Wilson teams up with real estate and home renovation experts Drew Scott and Jonathan Scott to surprise nanny Leslie with a life-changing home makeover, and PopCulture.com has your first look.

In a sneak peek of the new episode, Rainn stuns Drew and Jonathan after he arrives both shirtless and operating a two-sided ax alongside other medieval weapons — a celebrated throwback to his character Dwight Schrute from The Office, of which he played for nine seasons alongside Steve Carell, John Krasinski, and Jenna Fischer.

While the Property Brothers stars will help Wilson completely update Leslie’s home, the two find themselves in absolute awe over the actor’s method. “In my entire construction career, I have never seen someone show up; topless with medieval weapons to do demo,” Jonathan said, while his younger twin Drew replies, “Little creepy, but awesome.”

In a press release from the network, Rainn credits Leslie for not only being an integral teacher and friend to his son but a blessing to their entire family. While the former nanny now has three children of her own, the two families are still so close, and most humbly, Wilson wanted to share his gratitude in the best way he knows how. “We are so grateful that Leslie has been in our lives and helped raise our son,” Rainn said. “And we’re so happy to be able to offer her this home renovation, thanks to the Property Brothers. I hope her family loves it and enjoys it. She has made our lives so much richer.”

In an interview with PopCulture last month, Drew and Jonathan revealed the moment with Wilson was not only hilarious, but the pair were “dying laughing” over Wilson’s shenanigans. As Celebrity IOU continues to deliver some of the highest ratings for the network, the brothers add how Season 2 is chockful of emotion, much like its debut season last spring. “There’s so much fun and so much emotion in every story,” Drew said, praising the talent that took part in the series this season, including Wilson, who everyone knows best as a “hilarious” actor. “To see the emotional side of him, and a soulful side of him giving back, this is a season unlike any other.”

Premiering the first season last April on HGTV and its second this past December, Celebrity IOU has brought out a long list of stars, with Jonathan disclosing how many of the celebrities they are currently talking with for Season 3 will take them back up north of the border to their native land.


“Some of these big celebrities that we’re talking to — because I loved that we were able to film the Michael Bublé episode in Vancouver, [but] some of the other big celebrities we’re talking to would end up taking us back to Canada, post-COVID. So that would be something special, too, in future seasons,” Jonathan said, adding how the show initially came about because of stars approaching them. “We can’t tell you right now, but if you knew some of the other celebrities that we’re already in discussions with, there’s definitely some exciting future episodes coming.”

Celebrity IOU airs Mondays at 9 p.m. ET on HGTV; check your local listings. For more with the Property Brothers, Drew and Jonathan Scott, stay tuned to the latest from PopCulture.com!

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