Celebrity‘ claims video clears him in Cielo Vista Mall ‘panic’ case – but questions remain



EL PASO, Texas — Social media skateboarding “celebrity” Danny Duncan uploaded a video to YouTube on Friday showing scenes from the Cielo Vista Mall mass shooting false alarm on April 24th that police are investigating to determine if he and his entourage caused the “panic.”

Duncan doesn’t apologize for the mayhem and claims the video clip, which has been edited in multiple places, shows he didn’t do anything wrong.

Duncan was visiting with fans at a Zumiez apparel store, when a large crowd gathered and someone apparently shouted “mass shooter” causing a panic as hundreds of El Pasoans fled the mall.

Multiple law enforcement agencies raced to the mall on the active shooter report.

In the posted video, Duncan is seen with his entourage in the closed-off store when the panic begins; he and others are escorted out the back door as mall-goers fled for the exits.

Part of Duncan’s video also showed ABC-7 coverage of the mall incident, which he used without ABC-7’s permission.

A manager at the Zumiez store where events unfolded maintained Friday that it was someone in the crowd outside the store who “yelled” about a shooter. He told ABC-7 that the store was locked up with Duncan and his group inside.

Efforts by ABC-7 on Friday to reach Duncan and his manager for comment were unsuccessful.

El Paso police, in the days following the incident, said it was investigating the so-called ‘celebrity’ appearance to determine the source of the “panic” that triggered the mass shooter response. Authorities said felony “terroristic threat” charges were a possibility. That investigation remained ongoing Friday.

(Editor’s note: You can watch Danny Duncan’s entire video he posted about his El Paso visit in the video player below. Warning that Duncan’s video contains graphic language in English and Spanish, including drug references.)

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