Celebrities With Round Faces – Ranker

Who are the celebrities with round faces? Below, you’ll find out about all of the round face shaped celebrities, such as actor Leonardo DiCaprio and actress Drew Barrymore

Before we begin, you might be wondering: What exactly defines a round face? A round face shape is as long as it is wide, with a gently curved jawline and chin. There aren’t any major angles or edges, and cheekbones aren’t particularly prominent. Unlike the oval face shape, round faces tend to be on the shorter side. Below you’ll find Indian celebrities with round faces, like Aziz Ansari, Korean celebrities with round faces, like Jisoo, and a host of other stars who notably have round faces. Kirsten Dunst is another celebrity woman with a round face. 

Which hairstyles are best to complement a round face shape? Round faced female celebrities look great with a pixie cut or center part hairstyle, while round faced male celebrities can rock long top haircuts and slicked back styles. However, you’ll notice that these celebrities have a wide range of hairstyles — from long, soft waves to chic side-parts — which proves that a round face shape is incredibly versatile. Who is the cutest celebrity with a round face shape? There are so many gorgeous celebrities to choose from that picking the one round faced celebrity could be exceedingly difficult, but this list is here to help you decide.

Keep reading to learn about the famous male and female entertainers who have a round face shape, from Jack Black to Emma Stone. If you also have a round face shape, you can even use these pictures for hairstyle inspiration. 

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