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Lately, we have been spending most of our time at home and sometimes it can get a little bit boring. Most of us have tried to cook some new things and we have been binge-watching everything on Netflix and Disney but it can get repetitive. Perhaps a new hobby could be the way to make things a little more interesting and a little less repetitive. Trying out new things also can get us out of our comfort zone.

Sometimes we tend to forget that celebrities also have hobbies and interests besides their job and that is why we have put up a list of celebrities with interesting hobbies to inspire you and perhaps you could give one of the hobbies a try.

Seth Rogen – Making pottery

Besides being an actor, comedian and producer, Seth Roger is actually pretty amazing at pottery, he has actually become so good at it that he turned his hobby into a business called ‘Houseplant’. He has set up a studio with a kiln in his house with the help of his wife who has been a pottery expert since high school. Some of the things that Seth Rogen has made include ashtrays and bowls for plants, he also likes to share his finished products on Instagram with his fans. Maybe check out his Instagram to get inspired and who knows you will be drinking out of your own homemade mug soon!

Kaley Cuoco – Equestrian

Kaley Cuoco loves horse riding and she believes it has several benefits for the body, it improves the posture and maintains balance. It also helps to reduce stress as you are focused on controlling an animal and it can lift your confidence up since you are able to control such an amazing animal. It requires your full attention as you since you are trying not to fall from the horse and this requires having a connection with your horse as the trust between you and the horse needs to be mutual. When she started showjumping she even started out with a fake name to keep it a secret as she didn’t want to have all the attention on her hobby and now she proudly shares all her journey on Instagram.

Nick Offerman – Woodworking

Nick Offerman who is most known for his role as Ron Swanson in Parks and Recreation is into woodworking. When he is working in his studio he turns off his phone so he can completely focus on the task and zone out from the rest of the world. He can build things from ukulele to a canoe, no task is too difficult for him. He enjoys the fact that he can work with his hands and build something by himself from the start to the finish.

Michael Jordan – Playing online casino games

Michael Jordan likes to gamble, he is very competitive with everything that he does and tries and that is what is it is no surprise that he is into gambling. He uses the lowest requirement casinos in order to get the most out of it. He gambles on almost everything and anything and it is one of his favourite outside-of-work activities. Fortunately, when the pandemic hit, Jordan did not have to miss out on his hobby since he could move to playing casinotop since the pandemic hit and keep and play his favourite casino games there. Perhaps if you don’t want to leave the comfort of your own home you can try this hobby out!

Jay Leno  – cars

Many celebrities who find themselves with a lot of money and time on their hands end up becoming car fanatics, Jay Leno is an example of one of those people. His love for classic and powerful vehicles is legendary, and he has even starred in his own television show dedicated to his obsession. Jay Leno’s Garage has been running for five years and has 60 episodes that showcase Leno reviewing all types of cars. This hobby of course requires quite an investment.

Quentin Tarantino – Boardgames

Tarantino has actually quite a down to earth hobby which is collecting board games, however specific board games that are inspired and based on old movies and television shows. He enjoys the search for them as much as actually playing the board games and it is something he likes to do in his free time. Maybe if you can’t find any board games, you could perhaps start out with some puzzles. 

Taylor Swift – Making snow globes

Taylor Swift’s friends and family have all received some very lovely handmade gifts from her around the holidays. She famously creates homemade snow globes out of mason jars and supplies from arts and crafts stores. She found out how to do it by watching tutorials on Pinterest and likes to spend her wintery days dedicated to making snow globes. Who knows maybe next time you could be making some snow globes next year for the whole family. Pinterest is also an amazing way to try to find some other hobbies that include arts and crafts if snow globes are not up to your liking.

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