Celebrities who love to go for a walk with their pets


Surely, pets had a lot of fun last year, as both celebrities and us were able to live with them much more.

Those who adore their dogs and treat them as their children are Camila Cabello and Shawn Mendes. Even if they are in trouble, they indulge them and walk without fail.

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Naomi Watts enjoys all the crazy things his dog Izzy, that although it seems very calm, it is pure dynamite !. Together with their children they go out for a walk and for pizza.

Hugh Jackman and Deborah-Lee Furness know that a cloudy day can turn into a joyous moment if they go out for a walk with their dogs on the beach, they both look very well behaved, with everything and a sweater!

Either with Ana de Armas or with his kids, Ben Affleck never fails to take his furry friend out for a spin. There are even times when your children also have fun using roller skates or their bikes.

Scout Willis, the daughter of Demi Moore and Bruce Willis She is quite protective of her puppy and takes him with her wherever she goes.

On some occasions, we have also seen Dua Lipa with Dexter, who was even the model for her Christmas postcard in Instagram.

With all the glamor that characterizes Kaia Gerber, she takes time to go out with Milo, who by the way is already a star in social networks.

Even if it comes to boarding a plane, Harrison Bord does it accompanied by his friend. Also in fiction, the actor has shown his love for dogs.

Not even Ashley Tisdale’s late pregnancy makes her stop going for walks with her pets. She loves to see all the thanks and gestures they make.

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Emma Corrin looks like Queen Elizabeth in more than one way: Emma plays her on the Netflix series “The Ctown,” and they both adore their respective dogs.

Lucy Hale is another celebrity who has quite spoiled her puppy Elvy, and everything seems to indicate that he also undoes for her.

Rose Leslie and Kit Harrington are also fairly consistent with their greyhound dog’s walking habits.

There’s not a day that Emily Ratajkowski doesn’t go out to have fun with Colombo, which is one of his fans more protective.

Sofia Richie keeps fit with her family dog. Also, at home she has another doggy love that she adores so much that she even leaves her get into his bed.

Kate Hudson recently welcomed her Doberman to the family, for whom they chose the name Pinscher.

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