Celebrities who like casino gambling


Celebrities are not only seen in movies or series, most of them have hobbies such as sports or hobbies. If you have ever visited Las Vegas you will surely have found a celebrity in one of its luxurious hotels or in the casinos enjoying a moment of fun.

Las Vegas is a city in the state of Nevada, United States. It is known all over the world for being a centre of tourist attractions such as casinos open 24 hours a day, thematic hotels and extravagant shows. It is known as “the capital of sin” or “the place of second chances”.

Tourists and celebrities alike spend their time gambling or playing games of hazard in its famous casinos where time is static and fun is infinite. An increasing number of celebrities have opted for this kind of distractions.

In Las Vegas there are more than 120 casinos to choose from and celebrities have their preferences, however some of them have had problems with Nevada laws. Actor Ben Affleck was caught a few years ago counting cards while playing blackjack at the Hard Rock casino, which resulted in an expulsion and a ban from ever playing the game at the casino again.

And if we are talking about gambling fanaticism, we cannot fail to mention George Clooney as well as his love for gambling, he kept for many years the dream of opening a casino in Las Vegas and investing millions in that project. Unfortunately, it didn’t happen.

Harry Styles is another celebrity who loves gambling, so much so that he tattooed “17 black” on his shoulder because 17 and black are his lucky number and color. The singer, while he was part of One Direction, invested millions in roulette because he was very attracted to that game.

Another celebrity who has been seen at the casinos at one time or another is Leonardo Dicaprio. In fact, he has been seen with George Clooney and Ben Affleck playing poker, a game they are all good at and enjoy as much as any other entertainment.

However, the current global pandemic situation has forced many of the casinos to close their doors, leading to an increase in online gambling. Online casinos have added thousands of page views and are becoming increasingly popular among Americans.

Some of the top rated online casinos USA include Atlantis Casino, Red Dog Casino, Super Slots, El Royale Casino and BetOnline. These online casinos for us players are safe sites that have hundreds of online games where you can practice or bet with real money.

To know if an online casino usa qualifies as the best online casino there are things you should know in relation to the security of these places, in addition to asking if people close to you have entered them. The ones mentioned above are safe and you will be able to gamble without putting your money at risk.

Even though it is true that some places opened their doors with the corresponding protocols, many people chose to continue playing for top online casinos from their homes because besides being safer, it is more comfortable.

Casino online choice in usa became a means of entertainment during the pandemic and although it will be difficult for it to take the place of physical casinos, it is a good option for those who are not lovers of crowds but do love games.

Probably many celebrities who used to go to casinos regularly have opted for the safer way of gambling by playing from their homes, mainly because if they are filming a movie or series the protocols are rigorous and do not allow them to have a social life that endangers the filming. 

It should be noted that even though we are in an unusual historical moment, one can still enjoy gambling carefully and without endangering one’s own and another’s health. With patience we will get back to the life we had before or one very similar but in the meantime we get used to ourselves to entertainment from our homes.

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