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Actors, singers, influencers, among other prominent figures from the entertainment world, came out to vote and incited their followers and citizens to exercise their free and secret vote in federal elections.

The brothers Paola and JuanPa Zurita, from very early began to post on their respective social networks, where they told stories that they were already preparing to go out to vote.

Although JuanPa denounced that his mayor’s office had delays in the polling place, after a few minutes, he was able to show off his inked thumb with a photograph next to his sister with the legend “vote, vote, vote.”

With the caption “If you don’t vote, don’t complain”, Ludwika Paleta published a photograph next to her son Nicolás Haza, showing their thumbs in ink, where they looked very happy and sure of their vote.

The host Andrea Legarreta has always declared herself a proud Mexican woman and on this election day she reaffirmed her love for the country.

“Because we are Mexicans who love our country, we are good people and we work from a very young age, that we are entrepreneurs, that is why we are going to vote this Sunday, because it is our right and obligation”, is the description that he put in his account of Instagram accompanied by a photograph next to her husband Erik Rubín, who both wore t-shirts with the caption “voting is awesome.”

Likewise, the host and writer Gloria Calzada, took a selfie showing her thumb: “Tear of pride and emotion. I am a Mexican grateful to live in a democracy and I exercise my right to vote, ”she wrote.

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In addition, he recommended to his followers to locate their correct box, and take a book to read while they wait for their turn.

The youtuber and presenter Chumel Torres, thanked the organization that the boxes of his mayor’s office had to speed up citizen participation. With a selfie showing his thumb he said “this thumb already looks sexier.”

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