Celebrities Show Us Their (Cartoon) Penises


Celebrities Show Us Their Penises in 'Penile Papers' by artist Dominic Myatt

The new book Penile Papers by artist Dominic Myatt collects some of the best cartoon penises from icons of the fashion industry.

May 06 2021 6:48 PM EDT

They’ve graced everything from the stalls of seedy gas station restrooms to the repairs made on Hadrian’s Wall in the third century B.C.E., and they can even be seen in some of our favorite motion pictures. Cut or uncut, hairy or bald, long or short, thick or thin, humanity just can’t seem to get enough of cartoon penises.

Neither can artist Dominic Myatt, whose new book, Penile Papers, gives rise to a new era of amateur penile artistic interpretation by curating a collection of penises hand drawn or otherwise created by various fashion faves like Nick Knight, Matty Bovan, Vivenne Westwood, and Andreas Kronthaler, to name a few. Myatt spoke with AnOtherMag about Penile Papers and how he came to grips with the girthy subject.

Princess Julia

“I’ve always been fascinated by the way people make different marks to communicate the same ideas or messages,” Myatt told AnOtherMag about how he got the creative juices flowing for Penile Papers. “For a long time I’ve collected photos of hand-written signs and drawings and this just felt like a playful way to compile all of those things and draw attention to the humble but ubiquitous phallic scribble that we’ve all either done or seen scrawled in the backs of books, walls, doors, toilet cubicles and elsewhere.”

Andreas Kronthaler

Myatt also admitted he wanted to see “how different people would respond to the request for a drawing of a penis, and what their drawing would look like,” and judging from the various representations of the meat down under, he’s clearly assembled an outrageous, often outside-the-box selection of some of the finest hand-drawn or otherwise originally created penises.

Giles Deacon

To add some semblance of realism to the often whimsical interpretations of the male member, Myatt worked with Chris Colville-Walker and the pair decided to print all the art in the “average dimensions of a penis, so that when it is rolled up in your hand, you have this little temporary sculptural phallus that sort of tied everything together.” 

Matty Bovan

And if you need some extra incentive to buy the book, the profits from the sale of Penile Papers will be evenly split between the Terrence Higgins Trust, which is the U.K.’s leading HIV and sexual health charity, and the Runnymede Trust, an anti-racism group.

Ken Kagami

You can check out the rest of the celebrity penises and purchase your own copy of Penile Papers by Dominic Myatt from MNK Press here.

All photos by Penile Papers & Dominic Myatt

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