Celebrities Share Their Travel Tips & Tales From the Road


Tony Hawk and Angela (you know, from “The Office”) joined us on the Thrillist Explorers podcast.

By Thrillist Editorial

Published on 4/30/2021 at 5:22 PM

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Celebrities: They are, famously, just like us. Do you think influencers with millions of followers never get lost and break down in tears in an unfamiliar country? Or that award-winning actresses somehow avoid getting attacked by monkeys on vacation? Or that the most famous person to ever step on a skateboard doesn’t get his skateboard confiscated by the TSA from time to time?

On this star-studded episode of the Thrillist Explorers podcast (listen here! Apple podcasts! Spotify! iHeartRadio!) we collect tales of intrigue—and travel tips that are actually useful—from a bevy of notable names.

Activist and model Alexis Ren details how a mysterious stranger swooped in to help her on the Tokyo subway in one of the most stressful moments of her life. Angela Kinsley talks about traveling with Office cast members and being robbed by monkeys in Jakarta. And actor Gabriel Chavarria shares a cautionary tale about staying out way too late the night before a long flight (wrap parties will do that, apparently).

Host Wil Fulton also interviews skateboarding icon, entrepreneur, video game franchisee, and overall extremely nice person Tony Hawk. Hawk tipped us off on his favorite (super-secret!) surf spot and chatted about skateboarding through the White House, his recent RV trip around the West Coast, and run-ins with TSA.

Lastly, one of Thrillist’s most recognizable faces (in this case you can’t see his face, but trust us, you’d recognize it) the inimitable Tim Chantarangsu details a harrowing encounter with the Canadian Border Patrol, and how he got out a situation stickier than a vat of homemade maple syrup. Listen. Learn. And remember: the Canadian Border Patrol is stern, but always fair. 

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