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LONDON — Best actor winner Will Smith shocked audiences when he smacked presenter Chris Rock in the face and shouted a vulgarity at the comedian for making a joke about his wife’s hairstyle in a moment overshadowing the Oscars ceremony on Sunday.

Below are some of the reactions from celebrities on social media.

Rapper and actor Jaden Smith, son of Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith:

“And That’s How We Do It.”

Actress Mia Farrow:

“It was just a joke. Jokes are what Chris Rock does. Always has been edgy. This was a mild joke for him. And i love GI Jane”

Comedian Kathy Griffin:

“Let me tell you something, it’s a very bad practice to walk up on stage and physically assault a Comedian. Now we all have to worry about who wants to be the next Will Smith in comedy clubs and theaters.”

Actress Sophia Bush:

“Violence isn’t OK. Assault is never the answer. Also? This is the 2nd time that Chris has made fun of Jada on the #Oscars stage, & tonight he went after her alopecia. Punching down at someone’s auto-immune disease is wrong. Doing so on purpose is cruel. They both need a breather.”

Talk show host Conan O’Brien:

“Just saw the Will Smith slap. Anyone have a late night show I can borrow just for tomorrow?”

Filmmaker Rob Reiner:

“Will Smith owes Chris Rock a huge apology. There is no excuse for what he did. He’s lucky Chris is not filing assault charges.”

Author Bernardine Evaristo:

“What a thing to wake up to. Only the fifth black man in nearly 100 years to win an Oscar for male lead, and the first in 16 years, resorts to violence instead of utilizing the power of words to slay Chris Rock. Then he claims God and Love made him do it.”

Actress and model Jodie Turner-Smith:

“and as far as that incidentgoes….. i am still processing. I have second-hand embarrassment for all involved.”

Actor Cary Elwes:

The “vessels of love” I have known or admired never acted violently against another human being…”

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