Celebrities react to Donald Trump’s second impeachment

8:45am PST, Jan 14, 2021

For the first time in the history of the United States, a president has been impeached twice. On Jan. 13, 2021, the House of Representatives voted to impeach Donald Trump for “incitement of insurrection,” something that was widely expected following the recent riots at the Capitol. One day before the House’s vote, the outgoing president said his words just prior to the riot were “totally appropriate” and didn’t incite his followers, but clearly more than half of the House didn’t buy it. Although the vote was mostly along party lines, 10 Republicans voted for impeachment, which they didn’t do during his first impeachment in December 2019. After the second impeachment, many in Hollywood reacted on social media. “Trump will have the legacy of doing a really great job of getting impeached. Better than any other president. That’s a perfect biggley accomplishment!” “Modern Family” alum Jesse Tyler Ferguson tweeted. Keep reading to see which other stars commented on the historical moment…

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“A flesh wound requires far more than a bandaid. Impeachment should have been a thundering bipartisan statement. That so many Republicans parrot the big lie that this election was stolen, threatens future violence. These past 4-plus years demand a reckoning with reality. … It’s pretty simple. When the questions you’re ‘just asking’ are based on lies, the questions aren’t just questions. They’re lies. In service of other lies.” –Dan Rather


“An unprecedented moment – Donald J. Trump is officially the only US president to be impeached twice.” –Katie Couric

Rapper Cardi B tweeted an old video interview in which she correctly predicted Donald Trump’s impeachment, captioning it, “I been told yaaa.”

“Donald Trump is 100% responsible for the deadly Insurrection to overthrow the US Government. If he accepts the truth that he lost the election, there is no violent mob. Beyond Impeachment he must be Criminally charged.” –Rob Reiner

“Some Republicans Are So Afraid Of Voting To Impeach trump They Were 😥. The Second You Go Against trump,You’re a Target” –Cher

Padma Lakshmi posted a meme of herself cheering. She wrote, “Mood when the President is being impeached AGAIN.”

“Thank you @RepSpeier, and all of your colleagues who likewise voted for accountability. It matters. Democracy is worth it. Our republic is worth it.” –Sophia Bush

“It’s time for Grandpa to hand over the keys.” —Jimmy Kimmel

“IMPEACHED AGAIN!” –Bette Midler

“I like presidents who aren’t racist a**holes who haven’t been impeached twice.” –Richard Marx

“Individual one impeached twice” –Rosanna Arquette

“When one impeachment won’t suffice, Damn his new crimes- impeach him twice!” –Mark Hamill

“There is legal precedence to impeaching high ranking officials after they’re gone from office. Also, John Adam’s an original framer of the constitution famously said, I can be impeached until the day I die. So there can be and will be a Senate trial where Trump will be convicted,” Jonathan Van Ness tweeted. He added, “It takes so much to break with your party these days & not to overly celebrate folks who have previously enabled Trump, it’s hopeful to see these 10 GOP reps start to wake up.”

“Hey, it’s my birthday, too! What do you think the Congress is gonna give us for our special day? Happy birthday to us!” —Julia Louis-Dreyfus, responding to Andrew Yang — who was also born on Jan.13 — on Twitter

“Thank you… true patriots,” Billy Baldwin wrote alongside a photo of the 10 Republicans who voted to impeach.

“if its so equally ‘both sides’ as per gop talking points today, why are the republicans reportedly scared for their families if they vote YES to impeach? why arent they scared of these wild ‘antifa’ and democrats if they vote no? hmmm” –Chelsea Peretti

“Hey maga goons – looks like you’ll have to go after trump And not just [Pence] – look now he’s admitting HE LOST – ( to try to stay out of jail ) looks like trump is part of the deep state conspiracy to[o]!” —John Cusack

“House Impeaches Trump for a second time. Trump has made history as the only president who has been impeached twice.” –Alyssa Milano

“Congrats to Trump on finally getting more votes than a Clinton” –Samantha Bee

“And for the record, anyone who listened to that recording of his conversation with the Georgia Secretary of State knows, that FIRST impeachment was warranted too. His modus operandi was laid bare. Threats, quid pro quo, bullying—he’s been doing it for years.” –Leslie Odom Jr.

“Liz Cheney’s position is not about politics, it’s about decency, patriotism, putting country first. This is what we should ask every person serving in Washington to be about. Not a party. A country.” –Maria Shriver

“Trump has, in fact, been impeached, two more times than he has ever won the popular vote in any election. Trump has once again been impeached. Are we sick of winning yet?” –James Gunn

Hey @DonaldJTrumpJr they impeached your pappy for the SECOND time today for inciting a white nationalist riot. They did that and he’s the ‘president’. What kind of legal jeopardy do you think YOU’RE in now? Your little ‘fight!’ cry riled them up too, boo-boo! #KarmaIsComing!” –Yvette Nicole Brown

“It’s official. The gavel has fallen and President Trump becomes the only American president to be impeached twice.” –Norah O’Donnell

“Happy Birthday [Julia Louis-Dreyfus]! I hope you like the gift I got you from the House. 2X” –Wanda Sykes

“This is the ‘gritty reboot’ impeachment.” –Patton Oswalt

“Disappointed so few (10) GOP Congressfolk voted to Impeach. They live in fear of primaries.” –Geraldo Rivera

“I hope the sequel has a better ending than the first one. #Impeachment2” –Jodie Sweetin

“Let’s go for three” –Michael Ian Black

“What an exhausting, sickening, distracting waste of 4 years.” –Billy Eichner

“The divisive, destructive criminal will go down in history as the first President to be impeached twice. His name and that of those who enabled him, will go down in infamy. I am grateful to the 10 House Republicans who put country over Party and urge GOP Senators to do the same.” –Ava Navarro-Cardenas

“It’s done. Donald J. Trump is, for the second time, impeached and indicted by the U.S. House of Representatives, for inciting insurrection. Both of Trump’s impeachments have been for behavior that undermines American democracy.” –Joy Reid

“The importance of 10 GOP House members voting to impeach is this: It shows that it’s not about politics, it’s about courage. The truth is there, for those with guts enough to say it and mean it. To the ten with those guts, your country salutes you.” –George Takei

“Impeached. Again. Bi-partisan.” –Jeffrey Wright

“Finally, the @gop begins to break the Mummy’s Curse” –Denis O’Hare

“Yes! We don’t unite towards lies, conspirators, criminals, faithless reps. We stand for fact, science, laws, decency, inclusion, fairness. You want unity? Move toward that. We’re fine where we are even if we stand without you.” –Jason Alexander

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