Celebrities promoting household disasters

THE issue about celebrities celebrating their success in acquiring their homes without the aid of building design professionals has been getting more popular these days, particularly in social media. This is worrisome because, instead of promoting the better practice of hiring professionals for building plans and design, these celebrities are promoting future disasters.

Site Analysis studies the orientation of the site in terms of wind direction and sun path. Other factors such as noise sources and other hazards will be considered depending on the site. Proper space planning takes advantage of the natural site conditions, utilizing  strategies like daylighting and passive cooling.

Building a house is not something that you should take for granted. Its quality must not be sacrificed if only to cut costs because a house, being a comfort zone and a safe haven, should be able to nurture and protect life.

Building designers and planners do not simply draw. Crafting your dream house is a creative collaboration between the client and the architect, along with other allied professionals such as structural engineer, electrical engineer, sanitary engineer, and interior designer. Discussed below are the important reasons why you should hire an architect.

Architects make sure that all your lifestyle necessities are translated into the proper space planning that you need and the style that you desire. Architects can turn your dream into reality. But ideally, that depends on how much of that dream you can afford. Moreover, architects make sure that the spaces are within the standard requirements and they are seamlessly connected with each other.

While men of faith like priests, pastors, and ministers have the Bible, architects refer to a number of references, namely the National Building Code, the Fire Code, national laws, and local zoning ordinances. Architects make certain that the plans and designs are in accordance with these policies, and that the building has less negative impact to the environment from its construction up to the end of its life span. For particular localities, we also incorporate climate-smart and disaster-resilient designs and strategies when necessary. When architects plan and design, they do not only shape the building itself, but they also shape the life that will inhabit it and the environment it stands on.

When professionals are involved in the building of your house, you can be assured that it will be structurally sound and functional. Less mistakes will be encountered so problems will not likely happen and not much repairs will be made in the future. In the long run, it is more economical to hire an architect and other professionals.

Lastly, a fact that should be made common knowledge is that architects and engineers have a liability for damages. These professionals are liable, say if within 15 years the building they designed collapses by reason of a defect in the plans and specifications or due to the defects in the ground. It is in the Architecture Law of 2004 and in Article 1723 of the Civil Code.

Building, planning, and design is more than just a creative profession. It is a comprehensive work which involves a series of scientific studies such as finding out the right foundation which checks for the quality of the property ground soil; placement of windows and openings according to the orientation of the site; designing the roof that will resist a strong typhoon but can allow the light in; harmonizing the space to the psychology and routines of the end users, and many others.

It is best to take pride in a house that is well-thought, well-made, and tailor-fit to your needs and wants, rather than in something that simply spells out, but hopefully not, a disaster.

Arch. Elritz Gallo, a former Urban Planner in Palafox Associates, is a licensed architect and environmental planner. He is the present director of the Green Architecture Committee of the United Architects of the Philippines (UAP)-Makati CBD Chapter. He acquired his architecture degree in the University of San Agustin in Iloilo City. He ignores his smart phone when he’s binge-watching a series, playing a MOBA game, or contemplating about the future while reading a book.

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